I read a lot of books about parenting. Sometimes I'm looking for advice, other times for inspiration, but more often than not I'm simply looking to nod my head in agreement and rejoice in the fact that I have finally found someone who truly understands.

An Author Who Actually "Gets It"

Life as a wife and a mother is not the easiest existence to capture with the written word, but author Lela Davidson always manages to expertly convey just how hilarious — and occasionally poignant — even the most mundane moments of motherhood can be.

In her newest collection of essays, Who Peed On My Yoga Mat?, Davidson once again proves that she totally gets it. Her second book is filled with the same sly humor and blunt candor that made her debut collection, Blacklisted From The PTA, an award-winning success.

She even opens the book with a "Note to the New PTA:"

"I am reluctant to sign on for any of your clipboard-worthy activities," she writes. "Frankly, I've put in my time as Cheerful Mommy, so unless you're recruiting for chaperones to accompany students abroad, expect me to become suddenly engrossed in my Twitter feed when the sign-up sheet is passed."

Davidson doesn't mince words when describing marriage, motherhood, and family life. From lessons learned at her 40th birthday party to the perils of trying to schedule sex, Lela is never afraid to tell readers how she really feels — which is why her essays are so fun to read.

Overzealous classroom parents, for example, might seem like just another unavoidable routine annoyance, but they're hilarious in Lela's description of their quest to get their child "a solo in the first grade production of Are You There, Winter, It's Me, Culturally Confused."

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Moms

Who Peed On My Yoga Mat? is scheduled to be released on December 4, just in time for the holidays. Each individual essay can be read in about 5-10 minutes, making the book a perfect gift for busy moms who rarely have the luxury of reading for hours on end.

Most importantly, it's a book that just about every mother can appreciate. Lela's essays and insights are funny and good-natured, and though her tongue can be sharp, her heart is also big. She reminds us all that — in order to survive the daily grind — we have to laugh, even when it's at ourselves.

Besides, when it comes to laughing at yourself, Lela is an expert. Guess who actually peed on her yoga mat? Let's just say it wasn't her dog.

Disclosure: I received an advanced copy of Who Peed On My Yoga Mat? for the purpose of review.