When I first heard the title, I knew I was going to love Blacklisted From The PTA.

I'm a rebel at heart, always looking to defy the norm and challenge the status quo, so any book that promises to mock an organization as sacred as the PTA is one that I can't wait to read. Before ever turning the first page, I knew that Blacklisted From The PTA was not to be missed.

And first-time author Lela Davidson (Parenting Squad's own Managing Editor) does not disappoint.

Modern Motherhood (With a Humorous Twist)

Blacklisted From The PTA is a collection of 62 of Lela's most humorous essays about family life on a suburban cul-de-sac. From birth plans to date nights to the over-the-top birthday parties that we all get suckered into planning, Lela mocks just about every aspect of modern motherhood with her quick wit and subtle sarcasm.

"Birthday parties are out of control. The kid lived another year. Get over it. If you don't stop now, by the time she's fifteen your royal one will need an international audience in Times Square to feel appreciated."

She mocks nothing, though, as mercilessly as she mocks herself. From hiring a cleaning lady so she can spend more time watching American Idol to committing high crimes against the environment by (gasp) giving up cloth diapering, we love her because she's brutally honest and totally hilarious.

"We've all seen that psycho mom barking orders at her kids like a drill sergeant after one too many lattes. You want to pass her a Valium and rescue the kids from a lifetime of therapy. You know her?

She's me."

Lela may not be the perfect mom, but she knows how to find the humor in every situation. Her entertaining stories and wry commentary make us laugh out loud, but they also force us to think about what really matters. (And guess what? Opinions from the local PTA are NOT on that list.)

Get Your Copy of Blacklisted From the PTA Today

Order it from Amazon, head to your nearest Barnes and Noble, or check it out from your local library. No matter how you get it, if you're a suburban mother like Lela (or even if you're not), you need a copy of this book. Why?

  • Because you will actually learn "seven surefire techniques for getting banned from the PTA forever." (Note: there may be peanuts and/or tramp stamps involved.)
  • Because you will nod in agreement countless times, and laugh so hard your kids will wonder if Mommy's been hitting the martinis early today. You will also find yourself wishing you could move to Lela's cul-de-sac just so you can share her box of wine and hear more of her hilarious stories.
  • Because it is the only way you will find out what Lela's stripper name is. Trust me, you want to know, and I'm not telling.

Lela Davidson Is the 'Real Deal'

Taking on an organization as sacred as the holy PTA in the title of your literary debut is a gutsy move for a first-time author, particularly one who is writing primarily about suburban motherhood and family life (an arena where the PTA often reigns supreme).

But Lela handles her subject matter with grace and humor. She doesn't mince words as she criticizes idealized models of motherhood that don't exist in real life, but she also writes with such disarming candor and genuine optimism that it's impossible not to like her and appreciate what she has to say.

As author Lisa Quinn writes in her Introduction to Blacklisted:

"While her Prada bag may be fake, she's the real deal. And if those women in the PTA can't handle it? Well their loss is our gain."

Quinn is correct. Lela Davidson is the "real deal." She isn't afraid to tell it like is, instead of how we pretend it should be. She effortlessly combines her sharp and irreverent sense of humor with keen insight into what really matters. Whether you're a PTA president or a slacker mom who has never made it to a meeting (ahem), you will love Lela, and her stories.

And if Blacklisted From The PTA is any indication, Lela Davidson has a promising literary career ahead of her, and will be telling her stories and making us laugh for many years to come.