I stopped by Microsoft.com to see if they did anything special to celebrate Bill's last day at the company.

What I found was a fitting tribute to Bill's legacy.  Sure enough, Microsoft's homepage provided a nice photo montage of Bill's greatest moments, including a link to a special video celebrating Bill's life:

 bill gates

When I clicked on "Watch videos about Bill's career" I got this delightful message:

bill gates error

Even in his retirement party Bill is able to jab us with one last act of standards-defying, monopolizing mischief.  What's so bad about Silverlight?

The international, non-profit European Committee for Interoperable Systems has voiced concerns that with Silverlight Microsoft aims to introduce content on the web that can only be accessed from the Windows platform.
They argue that use of XAML in Silverlight is positioned to replace the cross-platform HTML standard. Effectively, if Silverlight usage becomes widespread enough, users will risk having to purchase Microsoft products to access web content.  Source: Wikipedia.
Bill, I wish you all the luck in the world with your charitable endeavors. Take a nice and permanent break from the software world.  You've earned it and so have we.