When hosting a shower for a special mom-to-be, keep things manageable. It's enough work to be the host, send out invitations, and prepare the food. Stick to the simple side of things when decorating by choosing a few of these ideas.

1. Hang a laundry line of baby clothes, burp cloths, blankets, and diapers (all to be given to the mom-to-be), or use old baby outfits for a vintage look.

2. Use a medium-sized decorated gift bag, complete with ribbon and tissue paper, as the centerpiece on the food table, or several small gift bags spread out on the table among plates, food, and utensils.

3. Hang baby shoes on the front door or on a doorknob near the main entrance or dining room.

4. Place baby photos of guests on the wall or on the entryway table in frames. For a more decorative look, create a photo garland.

5. Collect old or antique toys from guests, including items from thrift stores, and place them around the house: on tables, bookshelves, or staircases.

6. Fill baby bottles with jelly beans, skittles, or the mom-to-be's favorite candy.

7. Collect baby dolls from guests or other friends. Dress them up and put them on display together in a stroller or bassinet.

8. Instead of a regular tablecloth, use a baby quilt or large baby blanket to cover the table where you are serving food.

9. Place alphabet and/or picture blocks on coffee tables and shelves around the house.

10. Use a gift basket filled with little things for mom and baby as a focal point on the gift or coffee table.

11. Place small gifts like teethers, baby spoons, and jars of baby food on the food serving table.

12. Hang a crib mobile from a chandelier.

13. Attach small stuffed animals and baby socks to a door wreath.

14. If you know the baby's name, buy wood letter blocks to spell the name and place on the gift table, the food table, or on a shelf near the front entrance.

15. Make your own baby sock roses and tuck them in an existing flower bouquet or attach to gifts.

16. Hang pretty things. Take a tip from Martha Stewart with these paper lanterns.

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