This week’s roundup of the best parenting articles come with enough inspiration to get dads in the conversation, too!  We tackle cleaner homes, jaw-dropping baby showers, and whether sharing breast milk is a good, or even safe, idea. 

Ten Toys That Inspire Creativity in Kids – Not surprisingly, blocks made the number one spot on this countdown of the best “open-ended” playthings for young children.  If reloading your kids’ gadgets with batteries has you down in the dumps, reach for the rest in this classic list for fans of all educational methods.  Divine Caroline


Four Daily Routines: How I Keep My House “Clean Enough” – Finally, someone who says what we feel about housework:  there is a bare minimum that must be maintained, but certainly we can’t be expected to do much more at times.  This 4-steps to sanity rundown is honest and doable.  The Inspired Room via MomAdvice


Kara’s Party Ideas: Dr. Seuss Baby Shower – Just when I felt a bit of pride for wrangling up a premade piñata from the Dollar Store for my son’s upcoming 6th birthday, this post jumps out as the winner of the “overachiever in parties” award.  I feel completely talentless.  (Completely.)  Kara’s Party Ideas via MomAdvice


Your Special Child and Sports – Answering one of life’s tough questions, this dad explains why – for now – his child will be participating in sports teams designed for kids with special needs.  But he also leaves it open for inclusive activities, as well.  Dad-O-Matic


5 Green Ideas for a Naturally Green Home – Just when I swear I’ve heard every “cheap and green” tip under the sun, I get a crash course in a few simple tweaks I can make to my routine.  I really dig the overnight vinegar toilet trick (but can I keep the boys from “using” it during the night?) Bargaineering Via


Weekend Menu Planning: Healthy Homemade Chicken Nuggets for a School-Night Dinner – Oh yum.  This mouth-watering lineup of better-for-you chicken pieces is to die for.  (Of course, anything with butter crackers as a coating has my full attention.) BlogHer


What You Need to Know About Sharing Breast Milk – Who does it? Is it safe? And why did Salma Hayek breastfeed a baby (not her own) in Africa?  While I can’t answer the last one, here’s an informative slide show to get you answers to these nagging nursing questions. Yahoo