This week’s best of parenting roundup looks at some quick and simple holiday gifts that will really impress your friends and family this year.  We also have a yummy pumpkin bread recipe, some must-read information on night terrors, and a curious story on how licorice may be bad for your unborn baby!

22 Heartfelt Holiday Presents You Can Make – Not being especially crafty, I was taken aback by how simple and lovely all the gifts were on this list.  It was as if they were written just for me!  iVillage


Cream Cheese Rippled Pumpkin Bread – These photos are amazing, and I can’t wait to begin trying out this yummy recipe!  Assuming you can snag some canned pumpkin in your area, I think this is a holiday treat to count on.  17 and Baking


Steal this Idea: Decorating Family Photos for a Party – It’s surprising how simple and effective this silly little idea is.  With just a little construction paper and some mild humor, you can bring memories to life – just in time for the big event!  OhDeeDoh via MomAdvice


What Parents Should Know About Night Terrors – They can really freak a parent out, and yet, night terrors are relatively harmless.  Get the facts on this common occurrence, and find out how to cope (while getting some sleep in the process.)  Divine Caroline


Licorice May Be Bad for Your Unborn Child – As someone who LOVES black licorice, this is bad news.  Get the scoop on how this famous candy could possibly lead to adverse effects on the mental and behavioral health of your unborn baby.  Healthy Theory


40+ Tips for Roadtrips with Toddlers/Preschoolers – After about 5 activities, my kids are whining, crying, or playing the “Mom, he’s looking at me!” game.  This list should be printed out and dipped in gold.  Quirky Momma


Slime Science Day – While this concoction looks a lot like snot, I’m sure that’s the main appeal.  With recipes, project ideas, and questions for the kiddos, this would make an excellent homeschool or Saturday afternoon family activity!  Journey Into Unschooling


Build Your Own Easel – When you eventually tire of having to clear the dishes every time your little artist wants to get out the paints, it may be time to consider a dedicated area for his work.  This easy tutorial shows you step-by-step how to get the job done!  Wisdom Lion


Quick Cleaning Tip: Panic Cleaning – What will you do if you only have 30 minutes before unexpected company arrives?  Start by opening two opposing windows, then finish this list!  Recession Depression Therapy