The temperature is rising, the sun is shining, the humidity is frizzing hair from coast to coast -- the conjunction of these items can only mean one thing: ROAD TRIP SEASON! Whether you're heading cross-country or cross-town, here's the best of the best to keep your sanity on the road:

Keeping Kids Busy on Summer Road Trips. If the fighting in the backseat is driving you batty, here's your answer. Mad Libs and License Plate Math meet iPads and DVDs in this to-the-point blog entry. Three Different Directions

Road Trip Tips. You might think that driving your car is an inherently non-green activity, but not necessarily -- especially if you incorporate some of these tips. This blog post suggests ways to cut your carbon footprint, with suggestions on eating, emergency essentials, where to stay, and more. Mother Nature Network

Favorite Tips for Traveling with Young Children. Anyone who spends 60 hours in a car in a single trip with small children deserves an award -- or a straitjacket! This blog post includes this mom's survival tips and lessons learned on the road. (Note: This link is for Part One; make sure to check out the other entries in the series). Quirky Momma

Family Road Trip Tips No-One Gives You. What do baby wipes and hand-held vacuums have in common? Read this blog post to find out, and you'll also get a few other little-known family road trip suggestions. Silicon Valley Moms Blog

Kelly's Travel Tips. I never thought of traveling with a purse full of stickers when my kids were younger, but after reading this blog post, I wish I had! Surprising, interesting, and unique suggestions for parents of all ages who are taking their kids on the road this summer. (Note: Some tips are for air travel, but there are plenty of car-travel tips to make this a worthy read). East County Magazine

Frugal Living Vacation Planning Tips. From saving money on meals to minimizing back seat squabbles, this post is a great overview of family travel tips from the authors of "Eat, Nap, Play." HCI Books Blog

Healthy Road Trip Snack Tips. Forget the stop at McDonald's or the gas station when the kids are clamoring. Instead, be prepared with these kid-appealing and healthy ideas from Traveling Mamas