"Homeschooling" used to be more of a fringe activity, something parents turned to because they were too far from traditional schools to partake of public services. But now, families across the country and around the globe -- more than a million households in the US alone, according to Let's Homeschool -- choose to make home their children's primary learning environment. The reasons range from individualized attention to convenience to religious beliefs to personal preference.

Whether you're a seasoned homeschooler, starting to test the waters, or just looking for academic enhancement for your kids after their regular school hours, here's a list of some interesting homeschool posts:

Should "Unschooling" Be Illegal? Unschooling -- a certain type of homeschooling where regular lesson plans, standards, timelines, and tests are thrown out the window -- has been a topic of controversy lately. This homeschooling blogger thinks it's far from illegal. SpunkyHomeSchool

What About Socialization? Many non-homeschoolers wonder how homeschooled kids get the interaction and socialization needed for ordinary social development. This mom of five has plenty of ideas. Camp Homeschool

Best Places to Live for Homeschoolers An attempt to take a scientific look at where homeschoolers may have the easiest time of it. Factors include cost of health insurance, government transparency, cost of living, and more. Homeschooling: A Family's Journey 

Children's Literature List While not specific to homeschooling, any parent interested in encouraging her kids to read more can find some great suggestions on this list of 100 books. Your kids may also get a kick out of counting how many they've read. Our Journey Westward

Building a Children's Math Library of Living Books Math can be a tough subject to teach successfully to your own kids (I know from personal experience!). Reaching children through literature is a fantastic way to bring conceptual mathematics concepts into a more understandable format. This post includes a comprehensive list of kids' books that will have young listeners and readers learning math without knowing it. Love2Learn2Day

The Field Trip Lady Being able to take field trips whenever you like, instead of just one a quarter, seems to me to be one of the best benefits of homeschooling! The Field Trip Lady has compiled an introduction to some fun field trip ideas for all parents. Homeschool News Link

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