Working from home is the pits sometimes.  Yes, I see my kids every day, but I am competing for freelance work with other women who don't have to pause mid-paragraph to clean up potty-training mishaps or let the cat out of the toybox.  When the beauty of watching your kids grow up rushes headlong into looming deadlines and "SHHH! Mommy's on a work call!" -- it's time to get some perspective.  Here is a batch of fresh ideas, tips, and humor for those Work-At-Home parents we know.

I can't live without my iPhone -- which is a huge change from not having a cell phone at all this time last year.  I argue that it helps me multitask, but hubby insists that I just work more now.  Over at Work It Mom, the conversation turns to how tech can lead to more work vs. just juggling what we have.  Thoughts?

It's far too common for work life to blend nicely into family life, especially when working at home.  Yes, we know that boundaries can prevent this from happenening, but what are they, exactly?  How do you go about enforcing them?  Mary M. Byers at Making Work at Home Work, has some excellent tips for drawing the line between career and home life.

If you use a Canon DSLR or even just snap pics from you iPhone every now and then, most work-at-home parents will agree that quality photos of your kids can come in handy for blogging, work, or just keeping in touch with family.  To look like a pro with very little training or cash, check out these amazing tips from photographer Cathi Green at Mom's Resource Blog.  (Even I can follow along.)

Looking good is the first step to feeling good, and these amazing pointers from Simple Mom are perfect for the Mom who works at home or just needs to toss the sweats and start trying again.  The best part is that they require very little cash, as most of them are tips we should be doing anyway!  (Guys, some of them apply to you, too.)

Janice, at 5 Minutes for Mom, reminds us why some of our best work gets done after the kids are in bed. (And perhaps why my sweet tooth kicks in at that time, also.)

What about you?  Do you have any work-at-home insight to share?  Looking to start, but don't know where to begin?  Many of the writers (both Mom and Dad) on this site have much experience in beginning a small business or working from home.  Submit a comment below or email us to get answers to your questions!