Welcome to Parenting Squad's weekly Best of Parenting Round up! This week we look at the hilarious ways moms can mistakenly predict the big birth, how to keep little kid costs under control, and why veggies burgers rule!

Going Without Health Insurance – It happens to us all – the dreaded thought of “what will we do for health insurance?”  Whether you’ve always had it, never had it, or have been on and off with the change in the wind, this basic primer in how to get it is simple, smart, and real.  Mom Advice


But I’m Still Waiting for “National Fold Your Own Dang Laundry Day” – Bloggers get that PR pitches are just another way to learn about the hundreds of new national holidays that get created every year.  National squirrel month?  Are you kidding me?  Rocks in My Dryer


Being on Time – Yes, I know.  I’m ALWAYS late, and it doesn’t help that I usually have to drag hubby out the door without shoes.  Leaving early is a no-brainer, but these other tips are also very helpful (and it doesn’t hurt to hear them again and again.) Organize Your Life


10 Ways to Minimize the Cost of Raising Young Children – We already skip the happy meal, and the rest of the hacks are right on, too!  Get the scoop on real savings for the first years from this primo post.  Frugal Dad


Veggie Burgers – I’m a black bean freak, so these look pretty yummy.  Add in the fact that they are healthier and cheaper than regular beef patties, and I think we have a winner for tomorrow night’s meal.  Super Health Kids


The Mysterious Case of the Continuously Evolving Due Date – This is hilarious.  Not quite sure when she is due, this blogger decides to make up the due dates as she goes.  ( I can totally relate, and enjoy the c-section humor.) Navel Gazing At Its Finest


No More Piling Magazines – Aaaah. The days of clipping and 3-hole punching my magazine findings are long behind me.  Thank you to Evernote and this neato tutorial.  Moms Gadgets


Inexpensive Classroom Supplies for Teachers on a Budget – Don’t teach? That’s okay! This post is a goldmine of tips and ideas for homeschoolers, daycares, and parents who just want to plan fun, affordable activities for their kids.  The Lesson Machine