Being a Mom or Dad has its ups and downs, as well as its fair share of blood and guts. If you’ve ever felt alone in your quest for keeping the crying to a minimum and the Band-Aids well stocked, have no fear. This weekly roundup of the most insightful, ironic, and hysterical blog posts on childhood injury and illness will have you feeling like part of a not-so-exclusive club in no time.

Jane Roper’s Baby Squared blog over at takes a short but sweet look at those pity kisses parents like to dole out when our kids get hurt. Drawing the line and limiting the butt-kissing to only the youngest, diapered kids is something we can all relate to.
You crafty Mamas will appreciate this post at Crafty Daisies that shows you how to make Boo-Boo Bags for teachers. (If you’re not in tune with buying 100 pounds of bulgur wheat, you can certainly trim your ambitions by just making one to start with.)
Medical care isn’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality treatment for sick or injured children. This excellent list of tips from Mom Advice’s Amy gives you the basics for making sure everyone is well-cared for… and it boasts an average monthly savings of $20 or more!
Sometimes, all a parent has to go off of is one or two very general symptoms before a child becomes very ill. This Child Health Guide from is easy to navigate and covers most of the basics, including dehydration, eczema, and earache.
We’ve got quite a few great tips and stories here on ParentingSquad to ease your mind about what parents fear most – kids getting sick. Here are our favorites:
Heard any good health tips lately? Would you like to share your parenting and sick child story? Leave it in the comments, or email us at We might share your tips in our next article!