It’s almost time!  Whether you ship them off to public school, suck it up and teach them yourself, or something a little bit in between, we’re all feeling the season change.  These blog posts from our favorite parents will give you some food for thought before your life gets too hectic again.  Take a deep breath…. School is right around the corner!


The high price of back to school is almost enough to make a well-meaning parent throw up.  With some useful tips and a bit of preparation, however, you can do it on even less than you paid last year.  Frugal Dad outdoes himself, with 9 Back to School Shopping Tips for everyone – not just hyper coupon-clippers.  My favorite?  Buy school supplies in threes: which means for a family with 4 kiddos (like me), you’ll want to buy exponentially and grab twelve of everything.


Yeah, we homeschool, and despite the changing tide towards acceptance of a once taboo practice, it’s sometimes necessary to explain the “why” behind your decision.  Anita York over at MomAdvice puts together a fairly kosher article on the pros and goals behind many homeschooling families.  I especially dig the references to famous homeschoolers (Agatha Christie, George Patton, and Winston Churchill). 


If you’re like most parents, your back-to-school shopping will include a few bits of garage sale, consignment, or hand-me-down goods.  That’s OK, especially if you’re good at taking inventory of what you have and what you need.  Like Merchant Ships takes us through the basic steps in a few minutes or less on How to Inventory Hand-Me-Downs.  (Easy peasy.)


Looking for every possible topic that you can discuss when dealing with back to school? has got you covered!  The main page has topics ranging from middle school to time management, even though the blog itself hasn’t been updated much. (Really, I could spend a week or so just looking through the recipes.)


While we know that there will always be sensitive topics to talk about with your school-aged children, we were kind of hoping that the local drugstore wouldn’t have started it without us.  This obvious marketing fail at what looks like a Walgreens makes me glad that most of my kids can’t even read yet. (Warning: If photos of family planning products make you squeamish, don’t visit the link.  But if you haven’t figured out where kids come from yet, you might have bigger problems to deal with.)


We have two of the four “officially” in homeschool this year, and for the most part, we’re looking forward to it.  The crayons are sharp and new, and the notebooks are clean.  What more could you ask for?



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