Welcome to our weekly Best of Parenting roundup!  We give you 20 Must-read blogs for married people, 3 great reasons to choose cloth diapers, and 102 fabulous deal-seekers you can follow on Twitter now (to save big money later.) 

8 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain – Indulge, but don’t overindulge.  This is the theme to some of the most clever tricks for getting what you want out of the holidays, (without taking home the extra pounds.)  Blog Her


How to Host A Memorable Holiday Cookie Swap – This is everything you need to know for your first cookie swap.  (And experienced swappers may learn a thing or two, too!)  Love the photos!  Simple Mom


20 Must-Read Blogs for Married People – Not all of us are married, but those that are will most certainly appreciate the wisdom presented in this “best of” list.  Some will be familiar, and others are a fun, new treat!  Simple Marriage


3 Great Reasons to Choose Cloth Diapers – We’re often told so much of the negative aspects of cloth diapers, but what about the wonderful positives?  This article sums them up nicely.  This Natural Life


16 Recipes for Leftover Turkey – Yes, we know that there are so many articles out there about this very topic, but these recipes are so unique!  Hot and Sour Turkey Soup?  I’m so there!  Frugal Upstate


Notes on the Recall of 2.1 million Stork Craft Drop Side Cribs – As usual, this site does an amazingly thorough job of giving the history of the crib recalls, with links, screenshots, and their own worthy commentary at the end of the eye-opening article.  Z Recommends


102 Holiday Deal Spotters on Twitter – We missed the Black Friday boat, but it’s not too late to follow these deal-finders in time for Cyber Monday (and all the worthy sales thereafter.) Those kids’ toys can be expensive! Fresh Deals


Why Kids Get Sicker At Night – Since most adults fall deep into the pit of nasty every evening that they are ill, it’s not surprising to know that kids suffer more at night time, as well.  Check out the how and why’s, along with what you can do to give them safe relief.  Parenting