Time to pull out the red and pink tissue paper and heart stickers and get crafting! Here is a quick list of some easy crafts that will let your kids feel like Van Gogh without making you want to cut off your ears or poke out your eyes with a pipe cleaner.

10 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids. Heart sun catchers, happy heart day bookmarks, and patchwork valentines will delight your kids. Easy step-by-step tutorials, too! Work It, Mom

Valentine's Day Crafts: Hearts for Haiti. More advanced crafts including plastic canvas and a bit of decoupage, but gorgeous results. Miss Farah also includes readers to create some projects to sell and donate the proceeds to those in need – always a good thing to keep in mind. Miss Farah's Class

Crafty Friday: Valentine's Day Craft. This heart placemat project is perfect for even the youngest toddler. Kids paint or decorate a large heart, then Mom or Dad laminates it. Easy-Peasy, and practical, too! Nessa Dee Art

Valentine's Day Crafts. This blogger has amassed an mazing round-up of her own tutorials including an origami candy holder, a heart-shaped pom-pom, heart-shaped cupcake liners, and more. Zakka Life

Assembly Line Valentines. Want your kiddos to create something handmade for their classes, instead of buying My Little Pony and Ben Ten kits from the drugstore? Then head on over to this tutorial for ideas on how to create handmade valentines from snippets and scraps. Simple and environmentally friendly! The Long Thread

Valentine's Day Heart Garland. Don't forget to deck those halls with boughs of scarlet! This super-cute and super-easy heart garland can be dressed up or down, depending on the amount of time you have, the ages of your kids, and whether or not they took a nap. The Mother Huddle

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