With the warmer weather, farmers' markets and home gardens are springing up like... gardens! And despite the rising temperature, seeing all this great produce always makes me feel like cooking. What better way to teach your kids about healthy foods than by enlisting their help on KP? Today we've got a round-up of menus, ideas, and resources to make the most of family kitchen time.

10 Ways to Empower Kids to Cook. From getting them their own cookbook to providing them with the right equipment, this blog post gives you an even ten ways to get your kids of all ages comfortable and confident in the kitchen. Mother Nature Network

Ready, Steady, Spaghetti. Just the name of this book alone makes me want to scoop up a copy! Get the scoop on this kid-oriented cookbook, including a rundown of the recipes, in this comprehensive review. Raisin Toast

Cooking with Kids: Power Bars. When the author of this blog showed her niece a potato and the little girl didn't know what it was, it was obvious that something profound has shifted in our culture. She weaves her thoughts about the importance of acquainting kids with how food is made around a scrumptious-looking recipe for homemade Power Bars. Tea and Cookies

Cooking with Kids: Whole-Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies. Even with the substitution of whole wheat flour, you probably couldn't technically call these goodies "health food," but they taste so great you may have to let this one pass. Step-by-step, kid-friendly instructions and a recipe make this blog entry a palate-pleaser. Sarah's Cucina Bella

The Science of Cooking Why does sugar turn into candy? Are there really bacteria in our bread? Is it possible to make an apple pie with no apples? Check out fun answers, experiments, and recipes on this interactive site aimed at kids. The Accidental Scientist

When I Cook... Let's face it, somedays you just want to keep the kids out of your hair while you do the heavy lifting in the kitchen (Friday nights, anyone?). This blog post, while not about cooking WITH kids, discusses strategies for cooking with kids AROUND. Moneywise Moms