It's time for our weekly Best of Parenting Round-Up. This week we've got tips on handling the coast-to-coast cold weather front, following up on New Year's parenting resolutions, and more.

How to Survive Your Child's Surgery. Anytime your child is sick, it's anxiety-provoking. But when they have to go under the knife…!!?? Let's put it this way: It's best to be prepared. Dad of Divas

Let Kids Play – Without Parental Over-Involvement. We know it's true, but we still can't help ourselves from over-scripting our kids' lives. Maybe this post will help you turn in your Helicopter Parent pilot's license. FreeRange Kids

Oldie but Goodie: Traditional Chicken and Dumplings. Much of the country is facing a major cold snap this week, and what better way to fight the freeze than with a comforting, belly-warming meal? Salt and Chocolate

Snakes in the House! That cold weather also means drafty doors. Make your own simple door snake with help from little hands. Progressive Pioneer

10 Questions to Encourage Engaged Parenting in 2010. We all want to be better parents, right? But sometimes the "how" stops us from the "what." These questions will help focus your efforts. Simple Mom

The Princess and the Frog No-Holds-Barred Movie Review. Forget what the professional critics say and find out what a real mom thinks of Disney's latest. Em*i*lie