Welcome to this week's best of parenting roundup!  We look at some of the hottest ways to serve your kids lunch -- in a muffin tin!  You'll also get into the heated discussion of how your kids may be controlling your spending and what you can do to manage your household better.  Those of you with a baby AND a dollar store will want to check out a neat craft tutorial as well.  Enjoy!

Don’t Let the Children Dictate Your Finances! – As parents, we have to make sure that the basic needs of our kids are met.  We don’t have to slip them a five everytime they do something right.  This balanced look at maintaining financial integrity – in spite of your kids – is a must-read.  Frugal Dad


Franken-Snacks – Wow!  This clever Halloween snack looks super-cute (and a bit time-consuming.)  While you’ll probably never see me using a toothpick to draw chocolate detail on individual pieces of Chex Mix, those of you who are motivated enough should enjoy the fruits of your holiday labor!  Gourmet Mom on the Go


Dollar Store Scarf to Baby Legs (Tutorial) – I love those little brand-name Baby leggings, but they can be spendy!  To get the same look for a LOT less, check out how one Mama made her own – all from a $1 scarf!  Obsessively Stitching via MomAdvice


Home Management Notebook: Printables! – Another find via Amy at MomAdvice, these free and easy-to-use printables feature Daily To-Do List, Online Passwords, Weekly Menu Plan, and more!  Just print and stick in your 3-ring binder for a frugal way to stay on top of your life.  Organizing Your Way


Muffin Tin Monday – Yes.. Monday is long gone, but this very adorable idea for a kid’s lunch is good all week!  An inspired twist on the Bento box, muffin tin lunches are becoming very popular (and we can see why!) See all the blogs who linked up with their own version of the meal.  Her Cup Overfloweth


Outfit Your Nursery for Less: 10 Tips for Finding Low-Cost, High-Quality Things You Need for Your Baby – Really, the title says it all on this one!  Wise Bread


Quick Tip: Paint Touch-Up Kit – I don’t care how subdued your kids are.  There is ALWAYS a need for touching up the wall paint in a family home.  This clever way to store just a bit for emergencies makes me very grateful.  (I will no longer have to lug rusty, sealed pails of paint into my house just to have to ask hubby to help me open them.)  Frugal Upstate


A Question of Accent – This Dad wonders if it is superficial of him to consider moving the family far away (in an effort to avoid giving his kids an accent.)  What do you think?  SavvyDaddy