Welcome to the Best of Parenting weekly roundup!  This week, we're reeling from the effect of a candy-laden holiday, while we ruminate on the addictions of those refundable Baby Einstein Videos.  Those of you with new buns in the oven may like our list of fun ways to break the news!  Enjoy. 

Amy Sohn: ‘Baby Einstein Was My Porn’ – In light of the recent Baby Einstein video recalls, one mother reflects on her true reasons for liking the entertaining montages. (It had nothing to do with family time.)  iVillage Entertainment                                          

Birth Plan? Doula? Natural Birth? Not Here, You Don’t – A sign in a Provo women’s clinic draws the ire of natural birth advocates everywhere.  But is full-disclosure all that bad?  BlogHer


Italian Stuffed ShellsErin outdoes herself with this giant batch of some of the yummiest stuffed shells I’ve seen in ages.  Food for today, tomorrow, and then some!  $5 Dinners


Eyeball Toddler’s Shoe Size by Looking at the Insoles – This is exactly what it appears to be: a useful hack for getting the shoes size right (the first time.) Parent Hacks


How to Make Difficult Tasks Easier – That mound of smelly dishes, your child’s first home hair cut, getting back on a weight loss plan: these are all really difficult tasks that can be mastered by using this list.  Marc and Angel Hack Life


The Doctor is In: Choosing the Right Pediatrician – So many reasons to go with the right doctor, but do you know what they all are?  (Hint: insurance plays a big role in this decision.)  Divine Caroline


Stay at Home Mommy Myths – How many times have we heard that we are not using our gifts by “just” staying home and tending to our kids?  Yuck.  This list of myths that could easily be applied to SAHD’s too, is good stuff.  Mamapedia


Best Ways to Break the News You’re Pregnant – FYI: It’s NOT via a blog post.  These clever ways add some charm and fun to the process of letting the cat out of the bag.  Parents