Welcome to our weekly Best of Parenting roundup!  This week, we get up close and personal with how mommy bloggers can really influence the world around them (and not always in a good way.)  We'll tackle "stranger danger", the divorced life, and cluttered purses, and you'll get two handfuls of ideas for all the Halloween candy.

Craft Project: Thing 1 and Thing 2 – These are too adorable!  Using a couple of clothespins and some other odd craft supplies, you can put these together in minutes.  (And kids who love Dr. Seuss can assist.)  Zakka Life


How to Teach Our Kids the Skills of Self-Defense – No, we’re not talking eye-gouging here.  This very important list of rules for staying safe come on the heels of news regarding Jaycee Dugard are essential for all parents to review with their children.  iVillage Parenting Solutions


A Day in the Life – This Dad (in response to some readers) gives a poignant account of his new life – after the divorce.  For all who think it’s a glamorous life, read this twice.  MetroDad


Appreciate it kid… what did you take for granted?  I remember the days when I could eat not one, but two funnel cakes at the fair without getting indigestion or adding to my post-baby weight.  This short list of things that kids most certainly take for granted made me laugh (and crave a funnel cake again.)  SF Gate’s The Poop


Little Dooce Coup: How Mommy Bloggers Are Changing American Business -  Mommy Bloggers (and Daddy Bloggers) listen up!  This timeline of how some bloggers have been, perhaps, a little too careless with their endless social media influence is a great read by our own Carrie Kirby.  Babble


Notebook Experiments: Will We Like Chicken Cooked in Milk?  I love Amy’s Notebook Experiments series, which detail a project she attempted with her family – and gives the honest truth about how it turned out.  This recipe (which requires a whole chicken to be fried before simmering in a milk sauce for a bit) looks delicious, and contains extra tips for getting the perfect result!  MomAdvice


10 Homemade Laundry Soap Recipes – This is the only list you’ll need to get started making your own laundry soap.  With several variations to get you the exact one you’re looking for, you can get your frugal on in no time!  TipNut


Organizing Your Purse – You don’t even want to see the inside of my purse.  (I believe that somewhere near the very scary bottom is a mixture of Excedrin, nickels, and coffee grounds.. don’t ask.)  This crazy good tutorial of one woman’s purse with about $8 of items from the Dollar store leaves me feeling really inspired.  Check it out!  I’m An Organizing Junkie


10 Things to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy – Yeah, it’s not quite time to be thinking about these things, but the time will come.  Get some nifty tips for how to deal with the sugar buzz early on, and the kids will be none the wiser.  Wise Bread