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This week we're launching a new feature here at Parenting Squad. Parents' Best will be a weekly (I think...) feature of the very best chosen by our readers. The series will ask readers to answer questions to help make all our lives as parents easier. Once a week (or thereabouts) we'll put out a call for nominations for the best solution to a certain problem. You share your favorites and we'll round them up and put the top five up for a vote.

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Shall we begin?

Got Meal Planning Apps?

With back-to-school comes a renewed energy to create some routines that really work for your family. Meal planning, shopping, and cooking have to be among the biggest time suckers for busy families everywhere. Thankfully, there are now handy apps and websites to help us get the job done in less time, and sometimes for less money. This week we want to hear about your favorite meal planning app or website. Tell us which apps and/or websites help you feed your family well and inexpensively through planning tools, recipes, shopping list managers, or all of the above.

How to Nominate

Make your Parents' Best nominations in the comments, designating it as an entry by including at the top of your comment: VOTE: Best Meal Planning App or Website. Let us know what sets your nomination apart from the competition.

We will be collecting nominations until noon CST on September 7th, 2010.