This is not an article pitting young mom against older mom. I just don’t have the perspective to do that. Since I’m in my late twenties, and already have four young ones to care for, I thought I’d offer my views on why I’m glad I started a family early. Here are five reasons why being a young mom works well for me!


Children drain more energy from a person than any hi-tech science-fiction invention ever could. Their continual day-to-day care is often performed with little sleep and only half a mind. If I ever start out a day feeling in my twenties, that feeling has dwindled to a scrap of energy (usually credited to an extra cup of coffee or a 15-minute snooze). I can’t imagine raising 3 toddlers at a later stage in my life!


I had 3 great years working successfully outside the home before I started the bulk of my family. I learned a lot from the experience, and was grateful to have had it. Because I hadn’t gotten too far up the corporate ladder, however, it was easier for me to walk away to stay home and educate our children. I don’t know that I would have been able to do this as easily 10 years from now, after I had established myself more at my job.


Not all moms go through difficult pregnancies and deliveries. However, having four c-sections (including one uterine rupture) has left me and my physicians grateful that I wasn’t any older than I was when I had them. My younger body has had a chance to heal quickly. The required 2 weeks of post-operative bed rest was almost impossible to achieve with other little ones at home. I don’t know if I would have made it 15 years from now!


I won’t make a broad general statement that older mothers aren’t “with it.” That’s just not fair, and isn’t always true. I will say that there are perks to enjoying some of the same bands, movies, and popular culture as my 9-year-old daughter. Taking her to a concert, or burning CD’s with music that we both like, really brings us together. I’m sure there are mothers in their late forties that also enjoy the same music as their tween daughters — we just haven’t been introduced yet! Keeping tabs on what “the kids are into” isn’t just enjoyable, it’s also necessary. Maintaining a profile on MySpace and attending youth activities helps keep me informed of what I should be watching out for when it comes to my children’s safety.


As much as I love my children, I will cherish the alone time I will have with my husband after they have all left the nest. Knowing that I will be 15 years younger when I’ve tackled the bulk of my child-rearing leaves me hopeful that I will have the energy to enjoy what the world has to offer!

There are times when I envy my older mom friends that seem to have more money, more patience, and more confidence in their abilities. Then again, they often say how they envy me in my decision to start a family early on. While I wouldn’t change a thing about the timing of my kids, it helps to reflect on some of the great parts of being a young mom. No matter how old you were when you became a mom, your kids are blessed to have you!