Do you want to work from home? Did you find an exciting opportunity and then find out….sometimes the hard way….that it is…a SCAM!   Sonja Stewart wrote an excellent article on how to be a work-at-home mom, How to be a Work-At-Home Mom, if you have not read it, I recommend checking it out, and then come back here to make sure you know how to avoid scams at all costs! We all work hard, and the last thing we want to do is to waste our time, money and energy on a scam that takes our time, money and resources without paying us any profit…..especially when it takes away from our precious time with our little ones.

    When looking out for scams, general elements to follow are:

·         If they ask you for money, they are a scam.  In all of my experience as a work at home researcher, I have only encountered one legitimate job that asks for money, and that went towards a background check. For a list of Work-At-Home job leads that is updated daily, free of charge, and filtered for scams, check out: WAH Job Leads

·         Also, don’t work for anyone that wants you to transfer money in your account, or anything weird like that.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.   You will not, I repeat, you will not get rich working from home.  However, you will get an unbelievable amount of satisfaction from being able to stay at home with your angels. 

·         To avoid scams, always research the company that you are looking into.  A simple search with the name of the company and the word scam will usually pull up enough information to let you know if you are heading in an ethical direction.

·         Another way to avoid scams is to apply for jobs from legitimate companies that primarily hire individuals to work-from-home.  For a list of these companies, check out this site: WAH Companies.

Below is a list of general job titles that have been found to be “shady” in the legitimacy department:

·         Paying for access to a list of WAH Jobs: According to, every work-at-home job found can be found for free. They are out there! Go to sites like, that do not charge you anything, but that brings all the WAH jobs to you in one concise area.

·         Data  Entry Jobs: Again, usually you will have to pay for a “start-up” kit, and then the jobs to follow are scarce, not guaranteed, or non-existent,

·         Stuffing Envelopes: There is just not enough of a profit margin for you to make money stuffing envelopes. And it would be a loss to a company (in most situations) to pay someone to do this manually when equipment is available to do it more efficiently.

·         Posting Ad’s: You will get paid only if people sign up from the ads you post

·         General Assembly Jobs: These will usually ask you to purchase the equipment to assemble and then do not pay very well, if at all.


For specific WAH Companies that have allegedly been found to be scams you can visit WAH SCAM’S at .