Ever sit there beating yourself up for not looking the way you looked pre-baby? Ever stand in front of a full-length mirror and wonder who those rolls belong to? (I named one of mine after my daughter.) Sometimes in those early months of parenting we try and survive in a vacuum of us, the baby on the floor, the giant to-do list, and a box of Danishes. At the end of the day, we don't need Pinterest sites showing us all the crafts we could be doing with our kids or advice books telling us when to wake up a baby (never wake up a baby). We really just need a friend.

Enter Pauline Campos's new book BabyFat. BabyFat is a parenting memoir like no other. She's not telling us how to do anything, really. Instead, with a super fun and irreverent sense of humor, she's telling us her life post baby — in a way that relates to all of us.

Campos's major theme of the exploration into parenting is one we all cringe at. It's about the fat. The baby fat. The fat we were going to lose and never did. It's about coming to terms with who one was and who one is now that there's a baby and 40 pounds that were not there before. 

It’s also more complicated than meets the eye. Campos is seemingly allergic to nearly everything and deals with mounting allergy reactions as her body also comes to terms with being a mother now.

Campos handles her strife with charm and wit. She starts off each chapter with a hashtagged Tweet and writes in blogger style. It definitely is a now sort of book. Coupled with all this strife is trying to set a good example for her own daughter in regards to a healthy relationship with food and body image. She is definitely like her readers — who combat our own insecurities while trying to be positive role models for our daughters.

As a reader who has faced this struggle head on, I really enjoyed her strength and courage and humorous asides. It’s a great read to stick in the stroller and go. Her struggles are real and they’re ours. She’s not afraid to show us an intimate portrait of herself and her family as she attempts to overcome issues all mother’s face.

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