When I was asked to review the Baby Jamz Nursery Rhymes and Baby Jamz Jammin’ Microphone, I had a plan. Without any toddlers of my own at home, I was going to give the products to my neighbors kids and watch their reactions. It didn’t work out that way.

First of all, the CD has this nifty trick I hadn’t seen before where the package includes a sound chip and a button you can press to get a little sneak sound preview of the tunes. Beware of that little button. My kids are 8 and 10 and they couldn’t resist it. The sound is grating and super loud, but it’s a pretty neat trick. The CD itself was good, although I’m not sure anyone’s going to be falling asleep to the funked up sounds of their jamming rendition of Hush Little Baby.

As for the Jammin’ Microphone, my eight-year-old daughter and her friend grabbed it before I could get it out of the packaging and quickly got to work singing along to the pre-recorded nursery rhymes as well as recording their own tunes and playing them back. The cool thing about the microphone is that it comes with batteries so once you have it in your hot little hand you are ready to go! Don’t tell my very generous and thoughtful family members who spent big dollars on a certain high-end store’s stand up mic that has nearly the same features. My kid had a blast with this toy.

Despite my daughter’s enthusiasm for the Jammin’ Microphone, I’m a bit confused because the age recommendation is 18 months +. I guess we’re in the + category. However, the girls did have to ask for help once to figure out what a couple of the buttons did. I can’t imagine a toddler really getting it, but with the help of a big sister, you’ve got the next Beyonce on your hands for sure.

Speaking of the Queen of all that’s Licious, the Baby Jamz brand was conceived by her Dad and her sister, Solange, sings for the line. I have a feeling you might be seeing more of this stuff so get ready to jam out!