Most have heard the debate. Are vaccinations a cause for autism, or is it merely a sad coincidence as said by many in the medical community? Recently my husband brought up this poignant concern, and it left me with many unanswered questions.

Are autism and vaccinations linked?

This is the million dollar question and after hours of research, I still do not have a clear answer...which was frustrating and left me feeling a bit helpless. Why do I feel like there are Dr.’s with their own agenda leaving me with answers that confuse me more now than before I started my research? So...what I do know is that in the case of 9 year-old Hannah Poling, a federal court ruled that there may be a link between autism and vaccines. The federal government actually admitting there might be a link is a huge statement, leading me to believe that there is more of a connection than want they want us to know about.

Does the medical industry really believe they are not linked, or are they just protective of their financial gain in giving vaccinations?

From my research, most of the medial industry seems to believe that there is not a relationship...which does not exactly surprise me. The reasoning behind this is that the age most children get vaccinated, is the same age children regress in their development if they have autism (between 1 and 2 years of age). However there are Dr.’s, such as in the case of 12 year-old Michelle Cedillo (, who adamantly argue that vaccinations have some type of cause in this disease that now impacts 1 in 150 children in the US, including young Michelle. Also, the vaccine industry is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry; I would say they have a financial vested interest in keeping vaccines active.

We have been giving vaccinations for years, why is there such an increase in autism now?

This is actually a question my husband brought up and has caused me a good amount of thought, until I realized that there could be a very real answer to this. The amount of cases of autism has gone up, but so has the amount of added vaccines that are now being given to our children. In the 1980’s, children were given about 10 vaccines by age 5, now they are given about 36 by age 2, as found on That is a lot of medicine for a little body. And who says we all react in a healthy way to all medicine. I know as a grown adult I react poorly to some medicine that my husband reacts fine to and vice versa. With this influx in medicine going in to our babies little bodies, perhaps it’s not the medicine itself that is a cause for autism, maybe it is the over abundant amount (too much of even a good thing generates bad results), or that simply, some children’s bodies were not built to tolerate the vaccination. (So why isn't the medical industry doing more research on this, and instead, just assuming...with what can be a very detrimental result...that all children will react the same way to the vaccinations.) One other point that became clear to me here, is that with a raise in the amount of vaccines being given, comes a raise in the amount of money being earned by the pharmaceutical industry.

Are there any cures for autism?

Through my research on this, I was drawn to an article written by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey on The link is here: My son’s recovery from autism . Main points from this article are:

  • Most Dr.’s will point parents faced with the new reality that their beloved child has autism in the direction of no recovery, even though recovery may be an option.
  • Though it is hard to know if a child with autism can recover, and what exactly that recovery might mean, there are ways to increase the likelihood of a child with autism leading a more “normal” life. Suggestions for recovery that have proven successful for some, including McCarthy, are: gluten free and casein-free diets, vitamins, speech therapy, detox of metals, and ridding the body of yeast overgrowth.
  • Though Evan, Jenny McCarthy’s son, is communicating like a “normal” boy his age, no one from the medical industry has shown any interest to how Evan has made such a rare recovery, and definitely no interest in promoting the natural changes that have helped Evan get to where he is.

So am I any closer to having an answer to my question...If Michael and I are ever blessed with children, which risk will we take: the risk of autism, or the risk of sending our kids out into a world where they are susceptible to diseases of the worst kind? Hopefully by then we will have more answers from the medical field, more research from autism advocates like Jenny McCarthy, and more choices that leave us with less anxiety and more peace of mind that comes with knowing we have protected our kids, from everything that we possibly can...