Are you in the market for a new smartphone? One you feel comfortable letting the kids get ahold of without the worry of them breaking an expensive gadget? Consider the new iRULU. At $220, it is certainly an affordable smartphone. When I used it, the iRULU seemed a little light in weight at first, and I got used to it. 

For this review, I let each child "play" with the iRULU for the day and tell me what he and she thought. In a house of iPad and iPhone fans, the IRULU was a great Android experience. Both the 11 and 13-year-old had nothing but good things to say about the ease of use and learning curve in operating the smartphone.

"The phone is really a nice size that is good for reading and watching videos. However, I would not consider it a comfortable phone to use. It feels more like a tablet to me," said 11-year-old reviewer, Paloma Garcia-Couoh.

Actually, we all felt the confusion of the innovative size. As we are not a large-handed family, it wasn’t quite completely comfortable as a hand-held device. But more importantly, since it was an unusual size, we probably experimented holding it a bit more to see where we could be comfortable. The trick really is in using two hands.

Pros of the IRULU

Here's what we absolutely loved about the iRULU.

Optimal Viewing

Hands down the favorite part of the iRULU smartphone for the whole family was the clarity of viewing videos and playing games. Both kids enjoyed the ease of viewing video content and games on the iRULU screen. Everyone in the family enjoyed the experience. The reading experience on the phone was also quite nice, without a lot or readjustments of size that usually happens when reading on a phone.

Extended Battery Charge

We read other reviews of the iRULU and earlier models, and found that earlier versions seemed to have issues with the battery not holding the charge long enough. That was not the case with the new iRULU. It held the charge true to the advertisement of 20 hours, including hours when the children had every app open and running. That aspect was quite impressive.

All the Apps

We loved how easy and hassle-free downloading apps on to it was and that might have been the best thing of all.

A Few Cons

Not everything about the iRULU was awesome. Here's what didn't quite work for us.

Large Size

The actual phone aspect was just fine, although we knew right away that we would be using more like a tablet than a phone. The dimensions of the phone aren't easy for those with small hands. Holding the phone as a screen works amazing, but pressing phone numbers is a two-hand effort on a phone that wide.

Low Quality Camera

About the only thing that did not quite live up to our expectations was the quality of the camera. It did focus well and seemed intuitive when aiming and shooting, but the picture quality, once I downloaded the shots, were just not as crystal clear and sharp as I would have liked. I also missed all the ways I could edit a photo that we've become accustomed to with an iPhone.

Overall, it really was an easy device for young kids to manipulate and shine by using.

iRULU is available here

Have you tried the iRULU? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Parenting Squad received the iRULU in exchange for this review.

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