Movers and Shakers

Posted May 17, 2009 by Fred Lee

Educational experts are beginning to understand the importance of physical activity as a part of learning.

May is Foster Care Awareness Month

Posted May 11, 2009 by Fred Lee

May is Foster Care Awareness Month and a chance to make a difference in a child's life.

Water: A Crystal Clear Solution to Childhood Obesity

Posted April 23, 2009 by Fred Lee

New research has determined that there is a straightforward way to make a significant impact on the battle against childhood obesity. It is an idea that is so obvious, not to mention cost effective, that it could be considered crystal clear to many of us: have your kids drink more water.

Watching TV: A Poor Substitute For Learning

Posted April 14, 2009 by Fred Lee

Contrary to all the marketing claims, researchers have found that watching TV has no educational benefit and might actually be detrimental to your child’s development.

Book Reviews – Higher! Higher! and Baby Happy, Baby Sad.

Posted April 5, 2009 by Paul Michael

“Grrreaatt!” said Olivia, “this book is gonna be mine forever!” Isla looked on with an orange-slice smile. “Yeah! I want another one book. More book please!” That was the consensus of my two little girls, and I had to agree.

Jon And Kate + Eight; Innocent Documentary or Dangerous Exploitation?

Posted April 1, 2009 by Paul Michael

The phenomenon that is Kate Gosselin, hubby Jon and their eight children has made for interesting television over the years. But there’s a question that keeps cropping up over and over again – “is this still an innocent documentary, or has it morphed into something much more exploitative?”

Experience is Still the Best Teacher

Posted March 31, 2009 by Fred Lee

When it seems as if your toddler isn't listening to you, they might not actually be ignoring you, they just have to figure it out for themselves.

Has The Time Come For Me To Beat My Kids?

Posted March 27, 2009 by Paul Michael

I've always been easy on my two little girls, but recently it occurred to me that I've been a little too easy on them. I play the part of the good cop, my wife teaching them more about life than I do. And I finally came to realize the other day that I may just have to start beating them. I'm talking, of course, about competitive games.

Four Successful Methods For Getting Your Toddler To Clean His Room

Posted March 14, 2009 by Rosemerry Wahto...

Kids are messy. Some parents (perhaps you?) like to keep their homes neat. How do you get your child to clean up the mess without tears or begging or threats? Here are four ideas.

The Gambler in All of Us

Posted March 11, 2009 by Fred Lee

dice 7.jpg
A new study has found that impulsive and hyperactive behavior in children as young as five might be a predictor of compulsive gambling behavior later in their lives.

Helicopter Parenting Earns Its Wings

Posted March 10, 2009 by Fred Lee

military helicopter.jpg
Believe it or not, a recent study found that being a helicopter parent might not be so bad for your kids, after all.

When You See Something, Say Something.

Posted March 3, 2009 by Paul Michael

This may come as common sense to many of you, but it’s an important story and one I felt I had to share. I hope it encourages all of you to trust your gut reaction as a parent or guardian and do what’s right, even when it’s easier to do nothing.

Thomas & FriendsTM Live! On Stage: A Circus Comes to Town

Posted February 23, 2009 by Sherry Pardy

If your family can only see one show this year, make it Thomas and Friends Live! On Stage: A Circus Comes to Town! Not only has Thomas outdone himself this time, but show producers AEG ThemeSTAR and HIT Entertainment have teamed up with Autism Speaks for the yearlong tour.

The Family Bed: The Secure Sleep

Posted February 14, 2009 by Maggie Wells

Why do we keep our young children in a room all the way down the hall from us? Why do we spend too much money fixing up Ikea showroom like rooms for them when they really want to be with us? Why do we think it's weird to sleep with our children when most of the world does it? Wake up, America, and go to sleep with your children.

Let Them Eat Dirt

Posted February 5, 2009 by Fred Lee

When we make our family’s world too clean and sanitary, are we actually doing ourselves a disservice?

Chicken Pox parties; would you take your kids to one?

Posted January 27, 2009 by Paul Michael

A conversation bubbled up today between myself and a few colleagues at work. It was about illness, in particular measles and mumps. Then out of nowhere, a good friends said “and they’re even having Chicken Pox parties now.” Wait, what? A party where you go to get Chicken Pox? It couldn’t be true, could it? Well, it is true.

FREE Pampers potty training kit

Posted January 22, 2009 by Paul Michael

A sweet deal for anyone whos is currently going through the ups & downs of potty training. Pampers is giving away a free potty training kit, and it comes with Dora and Diego's approval.

Parenting: The Ultimate Team Sport

Posted January 22, 2009 by Fred Lee

It’s understandable that parents have their own individual needs and interests, but when it comes to the kids, they both need to come to the plate.

Exercise May Make Your Kids Smarter

Posted January 20, 2009 by Fred Lee

Recent evidence seems to indicate that exercise is good for your brain.

Review: Look-at-Me Camera

Posted December 19, 2008 by Carrie Kirby

This toy may keep little hands off your real camera, at least for a few minutes. But of course, at $9.99, it lacks the single most mesmerizing feature of a real camera -- the LCD screen.