Can Anger Be Constructive?

Posted November 4, 2009 by Jo-Lynne Shane

In the book, Good and Angry, Exchanging Frustration for Character in You and Your Kids, Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN, list five basic causes of anger. Once we analyze our anger and determine what is causing it, we can respond in a healthy and positive way.

Parenting in a Climate of Fear

Posted November 3, 2009 by Fred Lee

Baby Einstein's popularity seemed to be rooted in parental fear and anxiety about the proper way to enrich their children.

Tips for Car Travel With Children

Posted November 3, 2009 by Debbie Dragon

We have all been there. The dreaded car trip, with the kids in the back fighting with each other and asking every 30 seconds, “How much longer” and “Are we there yet?” Whether the car ride is 2 hours or 30, there are some planning steps and tricks you can use to make the car ride less of a headache.

Stealing Candy From Babies

Posted October 30, 2009 by Sierra Black

On Halloween Night, after the trick-or-treating is done and the candy has been binged on and the children are snuggled all warm in their beds with dreams of tooth decay and childhood obesity dancing in their mother's head, the Halloween Fairy comes to our house.

Disney offering refunds to Baby Einstein DVD purchasers

Posted October 26, 2009 by Sierra Black

In the wake of a recent FTC finding, The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has persuaded the media giant to offer a full refund to parents who purchased Baby Einstein DVDs under the mistaken belief that the DVDs would make their babies smarter.

Stress and Your Child's Life

Posted October 15, 2009 by Fred Lee

How we deal with stress in our lives could potentially affect the lifespan of our children.

Choosing A Baby Carrier: Slings, Harnesses And Everything In Between

Posted October 14, 2009 by Carrie Kirby

Looking around my house, I counted six different devices for strapping my baby to my body. So I think I'm well-positioned to advise parents on which baby carrier might be right to help them wear their baby. Here are the baby carriers I use. We also have two Snugli Sways to GIVE AWAY!

Child Calls 911 for Math Help

Posted October 14, 2009 by Lynn Truong

A four-year-old calls 911 for Math help. You can't blame him -- he was just following instructions.

Autism Screening Device

Posted October 7, 2009 by Fred Lee

A new device is available to help parents detect autism, but some experts in the field are wary of it.

Will Training Wheels Soon Be Defunct?

Posted October 1, 2009 by Paul Michael

As a young lad, I remember my training wheels all too well. I loved them. The security they gave me to fly around corners with ease was awesome. Then, one day, I had to ride without them and felt like certain death was imminent at any moment. Therein lies the problem with training wheels, and perhaps the reason they may soon die out altogether.

3 Tips for Scarily Simple Halloween Costumes

Posted September 29, 2009 by Lain Ehmann

Aug 95 041.jpg
Here’s my advice about Halloween — or any dress-up occasion, for that matter — don’t stress, and don’t spend. Instead, follow these three tips for creating simple costumes that rock.

Wanted: A Babysitter --Practically Perfect in Every Way

Posted August 27, 2009 by Maggie Wells

Photo 104.jpg
One of the hardest things I ever had to do as a mother was to find quality babysitters to take my place when needed. Are you looking for the babysitter that is “practically perfect in every way?”

Review of Smart Sips from Gerber Graduates

Posted August 11, 2009 by Linsey Knerl

smart sips.JPG
Yes, there is a glut of “nutritious” drinks for kids cluttering up the market. I’ve tried just about every one there is, and aside from a few bad experiences, I appreciate that companies are trying to help me provide nutritious options for my kids. We recently tried Smart Sips from Gerber Graduates, and all things considered, it was a really solid product.

Parenting Lessons: What I learned from Redneck Softball

Posted July 23, 2009 by Maggie Wells

I have been collecting information, advice, and observations about different cultural styles in parenting. This is the result of half a summer’s work. Lesson number one? Embracing Redneck Softball and all it has to offer is making me a better parent--teaching me to love without hovering.

Best of Parenting: The Long Way Home Edition

Posted July 17, 2009 by Linsey Knerl

kids car trip.jpg
Even if you’re entertaining the idea of a “staycation,” it’s probably not possible to get through the next six months without at least one grueling family trip. These mom and dad experts give advice for getting to the next rest stop without incident, and understand that the mildest-mannered little ones can freak out en route to your dream destination. Buckle up!

Best of Parenting: The Boo-Boo Edition

Posted July 10, 2009 by Linsey Knerl

Being a Mom or Dad has its ups and downs, as well as its fair share of blood and guts. If you’ve ever felt alone in your quest for keeping the crying to a minimum and the Band-Aids well stocked, have no fear. This weekly roundup of the most insightful, ironic, and hysterical blog posts on childhood injury and illness will have you feeling like part of a not-so-exclusive club in no time.

Best of Parenting: Celebration Edition

Posted July 3, 2009 by Linsey Knerl

party balloons.jpg
Today is my birthday (and my husband’s birthday.) With each passing year, things get a bit more stressful, and a little less… celebratory. Perhaps I’m lacking in motivation, but I’d like to think that I just need a little inspiration. Thank goodness for these truly amazing, delicious, and simple ways to celebrate all of life’s finer things – compliments of experts from all over the web! (Now I have no excuses.)

4 Really Cool Green (and Blue and Red) Art Projects for Kids

Posted June 27, 2009 by Linsey Knerl

Craft supplies.jpg
I love preassembled art crafting kits for kids. Recent budget-tightening and an increased interest in recycling, however, have led to some new opportunities to get especially creative with our homeschool craft routine. Check out the four top picks from our dining room table, and see how they can be adapted to fit your creative time!

The Importance of Play

Posted June 25, 2009 by Fred Lee

Unstructured playtime is more important for your kids than you might have thought.

When Bedtimes Are A Bad Idea

Posted June 21, 2009 by Linsey Knerl

micah bed.jpeg
I completely understand the benefits of having structure. While I'm inclined to throw everything to the wind, doing most tasks when I feel most productive, I agree that children benefit from having some consistency in their lives. So why is it that regular bedtimes seem more of an interruption to their natural lives than anything else?