Flu Shot Season is In Full Force

Posted October 26, 2008 by Linsey Knerl

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Hate em’ or love em’ shots are one of the best ways to prevent the flu. If you’re planning for your entire family or just need a place to start, here’s the skinny on the bug and where to find its injectable demise.

Adoption Ed. Class: Attachment Disorder, Adopted Child Development, Birth-Mother Relationships, and Adoption Resources

Posted October 26, 2008 by Lori Kerrigan

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Adoption Education….more than educational? Here is a review of our adoption education & how it not only educated us, but encouraged us and changed our perspective on many adoption elements. Oh...and don't forget the "must have" resources that were presented to us.

When Hatred Infiltrates

Posted October 19, 2008 by Maggie Wells

With this year's national election, California's Yes on Prop 8 campaign, and the nationwide obsession with scapegoating immigrants for economic woes--hatred and fear is infiltrating all manner of American life. Bigotry is finding itself a home in our national discourse and the playground in the school yard next door is no different. How do we tackle the hatred when it gets directed at our families? What do we tell the children?

A Dog Lover Embraces Cats

Posted October 18, 2008 by Fred Lee

Besides being loyal and loving companions, our kittens are teaching our kids responsibility plus a whole lot more.

Kid Kleen's Bath Blizzard

Posted October 15, 2008 by Maggie Wells

Looking for a way to add to bath time fun? Depending on your time and ingenuity, Bath Blizzard may or may not be the next fun bath product for you and your kids.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Posted October 10, 2008 by Maggie Wells

Want your kids to do something meaningful this Halloween besides start on a a new cavity? Consider reconnecting with an old American tradition: Trick or Treat for UNICEF.

Halloween Costumes--Making it or Buying it? That is the question.

Posted October 5, 2008 by Maggie Wells

The first week of October has come and gone. Are you any closer to getting your little ones' Halloween costumes completed? Are they starting to weigh in on homemade vs. bought? Which one really is the better option for busy parents?

Lessons in Parenting - Letting Kids Stumble

Posted October 2, 2008 by Fred Lee

Sometimes being a good parent means taking a step back and letting kids make mistakes.

Raising Children Across Class Lines

Posted September 27, 2008 by Maggie Wells

I know it's taboo in America to bring up various differences of social class but when junior says: Mom, can we invite Johnny over? Do you say yes right away or do you redirect and say, what about playing with Timmy instead?

Becoming a Work-At-Home Mom: Avoiding Scams

Posted September 24, 2008 by Lori Kerrigan

Are you trying to work-from-home? When searching for a work-from-home job one important thing to look out for is scams...if it looks too good to be true, it just might be!

Name That Cough: A Mom's Guide to What Ails 'Em

Posted September 12, 2008 by Linsey Knerl

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It's that time of year. School has started, and even though we home school, we're officially “carriers” for the latest form of kiddie plague. The coughing has come full-force, and I lay awake at night listening to tiny hacks and moans, wondering what more I could do. Here's an official guide to the most common causes, and what you can do to help.

Parenthood is Its Own Reward – Or is it?

Posted August 18, 2008 by Linsey Knerl

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Finding what motivates isn’t always easy. But once you do, great things can be accomplished!

Date Night In

Posted August 13, 2008 by Sherry Pardy

Can't get out for a date? Why not bring Date Night In!

The Death of the Neighborhood

Posted August 5, 2008 by Corina Fiore

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I miss the olden days. You know, the olden days like 20 years ago. Life seemed different then. You belonged to a community, a neighborhood. The people in your neighborhood were part of your extended family. At some point in the last 20 years, the neighborhood has succumbed to death.

Teach Your 5-year Old to Clean His Own Room

Posted August 1, 2008 by Linsey Knerl

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The mess that a preschooler makes is revolting at times. Determined to straighten without doing ALL the work, I implemented a plan to include them in my duties. It worked better than I could have ever hoped for.

Different Kids, Different Schools?

Posted July 31, 2008 by Maggie Wells

We didn't think twice about sending our son to a small private preschool and kindergarten. The public one was really rough and tumble and he seemed lost in the shuffle when he started there. So with lesson learned, how come we are sending our daughter who starts preschool this fall to the public one?

Read, Read, Read: Why Quantity and Quality Fail Our Kids

Posted July 31, 2008 by Fred Marmorstein

Children's ability to read with conviction is still being undermined by our educational institutions.

Summer Roadtrip Travel Adventures, Part 1

Posted July 25, 2008 by Maggie Wells

This summer was my first venture into traveling alone with the children since the husband had to work. (Hats off to all the single moms out there who do this on a regular basis). I found that keeping a zen like calm goes a long way into making the unexpected and the disaster a little more adventure like and way more fun for the kiddies.

Food Additives May Contribute to ADHD in Children

Posted July 20, 2008 by Fred Lee

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The time has come to give more credibility to the notion that we are what we eat.

Kids Eat Free....Or Really Cheap

Posted July 15, 2008 by Lori Kerrigan

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Tired of cooking? Does your budget not stretch enough to cover dining out with the entire family? Check out these restaurants where kids eat free....or really cheap!