A couple of months ago, I won a copy of “A Suburban Mom, Notes from the Asylum” in a book giveaway on someone’s blog. Being the typical, frazzled mom that Meredith O’Brien highlights in her book, I naturally can’t remember which blog/person gave away the book. All I have is a return address penned on the outside of the envelope it came it. So it took some Googling to discover that it was Kris from The Wonder Mom who sent me the book. Thanks, Kris! Of course, if I was less distracted by the daily motherhood dance, I would have noticed that it said "Wonder Mom" on the inside of the book. It would have saved me some Google word guessing.

Meredith O’Brien is a great writer and she is witty. I found myself laughing and nodding along as she unfolded the typical (or not so typical?!) days of dealing with motherhood. Pregnancy, sleepless nights, dance classes, T-ball games and the Tooth Fairy are all tackled with humor and a wry look at life. And did you know that one should never, never mess up the drop-off-your-kid-at-school procedure lest you unleash School Car Line Rage?

Meredith blogs over at A Suburban Mom: Notes from the Asylum. She’s also a regular blogger at Mommy Track’d and Wicked Local Parents.

This is a book that I can easily recommend for the moms who are pregnant to the moms of the elementary school set. I know that they won’t regret their purchase. Not only does Meredith make you laugh, she dishes out some timeless wisdom about raising our kids:

“They’ve only got one shot at this childhood thing and I thought it was a bit early for them to be held hostage by a Palm Pilot or their future college applications. Let them get dirty. Let them get into arguments. Let them play outside without adults hovering over them. Let them daydream. Let them be free. Their resumes can wait.”