The world of tablets is confusing. There are too many models with too many slight differences. The iRULU, recently featured on Lifetime Television’s The Balancing Act, makes things a bit easier on you by giving you an affordable tablet with a detachable keyboard.

When the iRULU arrived at our home, it was up and running within minutes of its initial charging. It took moments to set up without any hassle — which means the kids didn’t have to beg for very long before they were able to use it.

The iRULU comes preloaded with Windows 10 OS and office software, which alone is pretty awesome. It also has the benefit of an Intel Quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM. The speed of the iRULU is right up there with my laptop, and I never got bored waiting for anything to load. And neither did the kids!

The 10.01-inch screen is the perfect size, and the detachable keyboard is part of the protective case and is easy to snap on and set up. This means the iRULU is a much better option for me to take on-the-go compared to my laptop, allowing me to bring my work with me, right in my purse (or princess backpack). This is perfect for short trips, during which I still need to be checking in with work or writing a quick turnaround post while sitting in the waiting room at gymnastics. Blogging parents know how great this is.

The one major downside for me was that the stand for use when the keyboard is attached can only be used on a flat surface, which means typing away on my lap is impossible without a lap desk. This is trouble when there's no available table. 

Overall, the $220 price is right on this tablet, especially for a family with kids — who have been known to break tablets just by looking at them. Its benefits far outweigh the downside and it has proven itself as a great option for both work and play. 

Have you tried the iRULU tablet? Share your experience with us in the comments!