There's no way around it โ€” life with kids is busy. Juggling schedules and managing a household while staying sane can seem impossible some days. Most of us don't have access to a personal assistant, but we can turn to the web for assistance! Read on for tips for using the internet to relieve some of the pressure and let you stay more organized.

Collecting Recipes and Meal Planning

Use a site such as Pinterest to collect recipes and meal ideas. Organize your boards into specific meals, or categorize by types (quick and easy, crockpot, meatless, etc) for streamlined planning. Before heading to the grocery store, browse through your pins for inspiration. Create a grocery list from needed ingredients. There's no need to even print the recipes โ€” just log on to Pinterest to start cooking!

Saving Money and Budgeting

There are dozens of money-saving sites on the web! Before you make a purchase, try googling "[product name or store] discount code". Online coupons, printable coupons, and discount codes can help save money on everything from clothing to groceries. Want to organize your finances online? Use a site like Mint to streamline overall budgeting. Take advantage of online banking and account management for your bank accounts and credit cards. Setting up automatic payments and transfers will take "bill-paying" off of your to-do list.

Calendars and Task Management

Google Calendar offers color-coded categories to make your schedule clear at a glance. Have reminders sent to your mobile phone so you won't miss a soccer practice or forget to pick up dry cleaning. Online task management sites such as RemembertheMilk offer a virtual to-do list that can sync with your calendar โ€” all your tasks and appointments in one place!

School Schedules and Extracurricular Activities

Check with your child's school to see if they offer email notification of school activities and reminders. You may even be able to use a Parent Portal to monitor your child's schoolwork and grades. Does your child buy school lunch? Check out My Lunch Money for an automated way to pay for lunches and set restrictions for food choices. Need some help organizing snacks with the soccer moms? Try Sign Up Genius to recruit and track volunteer commitments.

What are your favorite online tools for staying organized?