This might be one of the most obscure gift guides you’ve ever read. It certainly is targeted towards a very small portion of the population. But let me tell you, applying the information found here would bring a smile to the face of any left-handed child.

Buying the Perfect Left-Handed Present

If you are hoping to be the best gift-giver ever, here are some things to consider.

1. Stock Up on Essentials

A left-handed writer drags his hand through the line of text, so a quick-drying writing utensil is ideal. Ballpoint pens are preferable to gel ink or rollerball pens. Look for phrases like “smudge-free” when shopping. Triangle or hexagon-shaped pencils are preferable to smooth, circular ones. Some kids like smudge-free mechanical pencils. Left-handed pencil sharpeners are helpful too.

2. Buy Washable Markers in Bulk

As a parent, there is one thing I will never understand. If we live in a world where someone has invented washable markers, why aren’t all markers washable?! When left-handed children complete their artistic masterpieces, their hand will be as colorful as their paper. Washable markers ensure that beautiful creation doesn’t last long.

3. Don’t Buy Any Writing Activities That Are Easily Wiped Clean

White boards are frustrating for left-handed writers. My son recently received a workbook with reusable, easy-to-erase pages. After he finished writing a line of twos, he proudly held the book up for me to see — except there was nothing to show for his hard work because it had all been wiped away as he continued down the line.

4. Check With Parents Before Buying Specialty Tools

Many left-handed children have a difficult time establishing an effective writing style. There are various tools (pencil grips, specially shaped pens, clipboards, etc.) that supposedly help the child along. However, these should only be given to children if they absolutely need the assistance and parents approve of the purchase. These left-handed friendly things seem like a nifty gift idea, but you might be introducing a crutch parents aren’t interested in using.

5. Top or Right-Sided Notebooks

Left-handed writers can never have too many top or right-side spiral-bound notebooks.

6. Left-Handed Scissors

Parents probably wouldn’t complain about having an extra pair of left-handed scissors in the house either.

7. Left-Handed Ruler

Did you know there is such a thing as a left-handed ruler? There are left-handed tape measures too.

8. Left-Handed Can Opener

Help a young, left-handed cook feel comfortable in the kitchen by gifting a left-handed can opener or ice cream scoop.

9. Left-Handed Playing Cards

Traditional playing cards are created for right-handed players. When the cards are fanned out and held in a left hand, the upper corner numbers aren’t visible. Buy a pack of playing cards that are left-hand friendly; they’ll have numbers printed in all four corners, not just two.

10. Be Careful With Kid-Friendly Sports Equipment

Adults have the opportunity to purchase left-handed gear, but options aren’t as plentiful for children. Pay special attention to hockey sticks and golf clubs.

11. Left-Handed Watch (Worn on the Right Hand)

The stem will be on the opposite side of the dial, making it easier to adjust the time with the left hand.

Did you learn a little something about the struggles of a left-handed person while reading this gift guide? Obviously, any revelation you might have had isn’t going to change the world. Plus, left-handers are famous for their adaptability in a right-hand dominated universe. But, it is nice to be thoughtful and considerate whenever possible!