If you are a divorced parent or a parent contemplating or going through a divorce, you can often feel very alone. What you may not realize is that the web is full of support sites that offer information on a variety of topics related to divorce and single parenting.

If you are looking for specific information on child support, your rights, or you just need the support and understanding of others in your same situation, here is a list of some sites that might be helpful to you.

Family Education

This website has information on a variety of topics relating to divorce. You will find everything from deciding if you should file for divorce to legal advice, how to tell the kids, life after divorce, remarrying... the list goes on. Visit the site to see what information may be helpful to you.

Kids' Turn

Kids' Turn is an organization that provides comprehensive information for children and family members that are being faced with divorce. The organization's foundation is to help children cope with parental separation. You can find information on how you can best support your children during this difficult time.

Divorce Net

Divorce Net is an online resource site that offers a wealth of supporting information on divorce. You can search your area for a divorce attorney, read through helpful articles and insights and more.

Divorce Magazine

Divorce Magazine is a resource guide for parents who are going through divorce. You can find information on just about every topic related to divorce, including information on divorce law, how to find a good lawyer, children and divorce, coping with divorce, child support and custody, and so much more. The site is a great source of information to help families transition through a difficult process.


Bonus Families is a website that offers an abundance of information and advice and promotes peaceful coexistence for separated and divorced parents and their combined families. Co-parenting can be hard enough in traditional families, but for step families it can be extra challenging. Keeping the peace and promoting positive relationships between all parties involved is the basis of the bonus family website. You won't find Cinderella's evil stepmother here.

Kids' Turn Central

It can be very traumatic for children when their parents go through a divorce. Every child will react differently, and this site has some great resources to help parents deal with their child's emotions during this difficult time. There is even a separate section for teens as well as a book resource guide.


Dads have feelings and rights too when it comes to divorce. This site is a great resource for dads who need information and ideas on how they can remain involved in their kids' lives. Additionally, you can find information on father's rights during divorce litigation. Finally, the site is a popular meeting place for men who are in the divorce process. Everything from attorney advice to forums to share thoughts and insights is available on the site.

The Pro Child Way

Information from Ellen Kellner, a twice-divorced mom who believes parenting skills should not be affected by marital status. She offers a newsletter, a blog, books, and merchandise for divorced parents.