We all know that Santa Claus is supposed to be the one stuffing the stockings, but sometimes the jolly old guy in the red suit needs a little help from Mom and Dad. Wondering what to put in those stockings that are hung by your chimney with care? Use this long list of stocking stuffer ideas for a bit of Christmas inspiration.

1. Gum. Bubble tape is a favorite in my house.

2. Silly Putty.

3. Hot Wheels. For boys and girls.

4. Fruit and nuts. They might not excite the kids of today, but both are a traditional stocking stuffer.

5. Homemade cookies. As long as they didn't see you make them.

6. Chocolate coins.

7. Nail polish. Non-toxic Piggy Pain is great for little ones.

8. Bubble bath. Or fun soaps.

9. An electric toothbrush. Especially good if you're including candy too.

10. Toothpaste.

11. Small ornaments.

12. Christmas socks. You can always find these at the dollar store.

13. Pop Tarts. I refuse to buy them at other times of the year, so they make a nice holiday treat.

14. Books. If your stockings are big enough. Board books are great for infants and toddlers.

15. Magazines. From Highlights to American Girl, there are children's magazines for every interest.

16. DVDs.

17. CDs.

18. Gift cards.

19. Webkinz.

20. GIANT candy bars. This suggestion comes straight from the mouth of a 10 year-old. And really, who wouldn't like to wake up in the morning to a few of those in their stocking!

21. Chapstick. Practical in the winter, and available in many fun scents too! Mix it up by purchasing a sphere-shaped (and all-natural) variety like eos.

22. Holiday pencils.

23. Scratch-off lottery tickets. Kids of any age will appreciate these, not just the young ones.

24. Small activity pads.

25. Small coloring books.

26. New crayons.

27. Playdough or modeling clay.

28. Packets of hot chocolate.

29. Change. Just empty your pockets!

30. Memberships. Think of local museums, parks, aquariums, etc.

31. Earrings.

32. Stickers.

33. Thank you notes. So they can write thank you notes for the gifts they have received.

34. A disposable camera. So they can take holiday pictures of their own. And so they don't touch your real one.

35. Seed packets. To plant in the spring (or in a pot in the kitchen).

36. Jewelry. Play or real.

37. Polly Pockets.

38. Legos.

39. Keychains.

40. A miniature flashlight. Children love flashlights.

41. Finger puppets.

42. A kazoo.

43. A whoopie cushion. If you dare.

44. Small bathtub toys.

45. New underwear. Even the necessities can be fun if they have a favorite character on them.

46. Hair bows.

47. Personalized headbands. My 8-year-old daughter loves Logo Loops.

48. A coin purse.

49. Gloves or mittens.

50. Super balls.

51. A night light.

52. Stamps. No, not the kind from the post office.

53. A yo-yo.

54. Bendy straws. I don't know why kids love these so much, but they always do.

55. Small stuffed animals.

56. Sidewalk chalk.

57. A plastic snowglobe.

58. Online gaming credits.

59. Lollipops.

60. Glow sticks.

61. Kid-fun bandaids. You know you're going to need them eventually — why not buy the fun ones?

62. Vitamins. Yes, I put vitamins in stockings. It probably helps that I buy the ones coated in sugar.

63. Plastic bugs and dinosaurs.

64. A can of silly string.

65. Paint brushes.

66. Hand sanitizer. 'Tis the season for germs.

67. Batteries. Because you can never have enough.

68. A magnifying glass.

69. Jacks.

70. Yarn. For crafting and creativity.

71. Felt. Also great for getting crafty.

72. Bubbles.

73. Small shovels. For digging in the yard.

74. Play silks and scarves. These can entertain children for hours. Kind of like a cardboard box.

75. Flavor straws. Magic Milk Straws come in flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, and Cookies & Cream.

76. Temprary tattoos.

77. Flarp! Noise Putty.

78. Fancy rocks or gems. Not the ones from your backyard — the pretty ones you purchase at the store.

79. A whistle.

80. Balloons. Don't blow them up yet! (Duh.)

81. Travel-sized board games.

82. A deck of cards.

83. A kaleidoscope.

84. Tickets to a show or sporting event.


86. A book light.

87. "Whack and Unwrap" Chocolate Oranges. These are just plain fun.

88. Small religious items. If applicable, a small bible is a nice stocking stuffer.

89. Marbles.

90. A chocolate Santa Claus.

91. Paper dolls.

92. A Snowman Kit. Fill a bag with buttons, sticks, mittens, and a carrot so you're all ready for the next snow.

93. Small pre-made craft kits.

94. Kid-safe scissors.

95. Mad Libs.

96. Super Snow. Just add water!

97. A candy cane. Because it isn't really a Christmas stocking without one.

What are your favorite stocking stuffers? Any that aren't on the list?