If you're hosting a kids' Halloween party this season and searching for fun games to play, give food some thought. With a little creativity and imagination, the simplest ingredients become ghoulish. You can also incorporate festive fall foods into other activities to keep the party going.

Ghostly Games and Activities

The Mystery Bowl Game

What's a Halloween party without the spooky elements of surprise? Set up a "laboratory" for the guests to touch "body parts" you've dissected from your "specimens."

You'll need a bowl for each of the follow items. Blindfold each child before they step into your lab to feel:

  • Eyeballs (olives or peeled grapes)
  • Intestines (cooked and cooled spaghetti, slightly damp)
  • Brains (Cubed gelatin or purchase a brain gelatin mold)
  • Skin (soft flour tortilla brushed with oil)
  • Teeth (corn kernels)
  • Hair (corn husk silk)
  • Maggots and bugs (over-cooked rice mixed with raisins)
  • Tongue (dried apricot)

Candy Corn Relay

What you'll need:

  • Candy Corn
  • Bucket for each team (check out discount stores for jack-o-lantern buckets)
  • Spoon for each team

Teams scoop up candy corn with spoon, race to their respective buckets, dump in candy, run back to tag teammate. First team to fill their bucket wins.

Bobbing for Marshmallows

A twist on bobbing for apples — minus the apples and the bucket of water. What you'll need:

  • Large marshmallows
  • String (meat string)

Tie string around marshmallow and hold or tape to ceiling so that marshmallow is just at kids' nose or mouth level. With their hands held behind their backs, the kids try to munch the marshmallows.

Pumpkin Painting

Do this activity at the beginning of the party to allow time for the pumpkins to dry. What you'll need:

  • Small pie pumpkins
  • Paint brushes and acrylic paints
  • Newspapers

Lay newspapers in a large flat area (a floor or large table) and have the kids paint faces on their pumpkins. Voila — the perfect party favor!

Munchies and Drinks

Skip frozen chicken nuggets and juice boxes for this party. Keep the creepy festivities going even when the kids get hungry.

Halloween Punch

How do you turn ordinary party punch into a creepy concoction? Add the following items to your shopping list when purchasing punch ingredients:

  • Food coloring (red for blood, green for witch's brew, etc.)
  • Ginger ale or other carbonated beverage (fizzy is always fun)
  • Licorice (cut both ends to use as straws)
  • Gummy worms and spiders (fun finds when the cup is empty)
  • Dry ice (creates a bewitching effect — always handle dry ice with protective gloves)
  • Fun drinking glasses (test tubes, black cauldrons, etc.)

Monstrous Munchies

A party isn't a success without food. Your child's Halloween party will pack a ghostly punch when you do more than munch the munchies.

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