It's hard to believe that 2014 is half over. This might be the opportune time to fine-tune our finances by taking a look at all aspects of our financial health to ensure that we're maximizing our money.

Here are a few things you should do to make sure that your financial picture is as rosy as you want it to be:

1. Household Budget

Bust out an excel spreadsheet and plot out your family's finances. It's a good idea to do this every few months to see where your money is going and where you might be able to cut back. Are you spending hundreds of dollars a month on cable? Maybe it's time to rethink your premium subscriptions if you don't watch those networks very often. Do you use your home phone? This might be another place to cut back. Is your gym membership too pricey? Maybe you need to shop around.

2. Take Your Business Elsewhere

If you feel like your cable or internet bills are too high, look at other options. The same goes for your car or homeowners insurance. It only takes a few minutes to inquire and it's likely you can get a better deal if you let the company know you're considering leaving for a better offer somewhere else.

3. Apps

Applications like can help you prepare, plan and break down to the penny exactly how much you're spending each month on food, entertainment, living expenses, etc. This is a more in-depth opportunity to grab ahold of your finances and determine if the things that you are spending your money on are truly worthwhile. There is one word of caution, though. Some of these apps do require access to your bank account, so think carefully and read the fine print before signing up.

4. Refinance

We're all aware of how low interest rates are on mortgages. This might be a good time to refinance your home loan to lower your monthly payments. Also, lawmakers in Washington are working to make it easier to refinance your student loans, which could also save you lots of money.

5. Take Advantage of Your Credit Score

If you have a strong credit score you might be able to get better deals on a car or home loan or lock in a lower interest rate on your credit card. Speaking of…

6. Pay Attention to Your Plastic

Do you know what your interest rates are on your credit cards? If not, get up to speed. If you've been consistent in making timely payments it can't hurt to ask to have your interest rate lowered. It might only be a percentage point or two but that can add up over time. You can also ask if you qualify for a better rewards program based on your successful payment history.

7. Make Extra Money

As you take stock of your financial situation, you might realize that to meet your family's goals for the second half of the year you need more income. It might be time for you or your spouse to consider part-time employment. Is there a company nearby that needs weekend help or a friend whose business is looking for someone to work evenings? Another option is to take a look at the items you have around your house and decide whether to sell some things to make some extra cash. If you or your spouse is handy or crafty, you might be able to make items like jewelry or small furniture items and sell them online.

8. Change Withholdings on Your Paycheck

If you desire, you might consider changing the amount of withholdings from your paycheck. This will put a little extra money in your paycheck but it will cost you a little bit on your tax return. The question you have to answer is this: Is it better for your family to have that money in your hands now or do you prefer to have a larger tax return, which is almost like forced savings?

9. Pay Off Debt

Do you have a car loan that you only have a few more payments on? Maybe this is a good time to pay the loan off and free up that money to put into your child's college savings fund or save it for a family vacation. It might also come in handy around the holidays.