News of Robin Williams's untimely death has devastated fans, but many of today's kids are unfamiliar with his classic body of work. Introduce your children to the comic genius of this inimitable actor by watching a few of the following films and TV shows together.

1. Jumanji

This PG-rated 1995 fantasy adventure — starring Williams as a grown man trapped in a board game since childhood — was the year's tenth highest grossing film. Kids will love seeing the game's grand adventure come to life, and appreciate Williams's touching performance too.

2. Mrs. Doubtfire

Only Robin Williams could transform himself quite so convincingly into an aging, female nanny. Language earns this film a PG-13 rating, but children will appreciate the movie's themes of family, divorce and staying close to the ones we love.

3. Hook

What happened to Peter Pan? According to this family favorite, he grew up. Children and adults alike will delight in watching a grown-up Peter Pan (played by Williams) return to Never Neverland, battle Captain Hook and remember the joy of childhood.

4. Dead Poet's Society

Every high school student wishes for a teacher like John Keating. Younger kids may not appreciate this movie, but the message is one your teens should not miss.

5. Aladdin

Did you know the the role of the Genie (voiced by Williams) was almost entirely improvised? Every kid should know the words to the Disney classic "Never Had a Friend Like Me." It's pure comic — and kid-appropriate — genius.

6. Flubber

This 1997 remake of The Absent-Minded Professor may not be great cinema, but in true Robin Williams style, it is great comedy. And with a PG-rating, it's perfect for a family-friendly movie night.

7. Patch Adams

Williams wasn't just funny; he was also a compassionate actor with a big heart. The characters he played exuded warmth and charisma, none more so than his portrayal of real-life physician Patch Adams.

8. Mork and Mindy

Although Williams made dozens of movies throughout his career, it is his role as Mork the alien from Ork on the classic 1970's sitcom Mork and Mindy that made him a star. His performance on the series is stellar, and one that kids will truly enjoy.

9. Happy Days

You don't need to watch the whole series, just the few episodes where Mork from Ork made his first appearances on Earth. It was because of Mork's popularity on Happy Days that Mork and Mindy was born.

What is your favorite Robin Williams movie or show? Have you shared it with your kids?