Most people are relieved when they finally cross the threshold of matrimony. Leaving all those awkward, uncomfortable, and unflattering dating moments behind is a blessing. But marriage also means you sacrifice that magical spark that is only alive while dating. Never again will you have that giddy excitement of a first kiss.

While there are certain moments you’ll never get back, it is possible to relive many wonderful dating experiences. If your marriage needs a little jumpstart, try these old school dating techniques.

1. Make a Phone Call

Don’t send an emoji-filled text message. Don’t profess your love in an email. Pick up the phone and call your spouse. Have a meaningful conversation — right in the middle of the day. Skip the necessities like dinner plans or the hour soccer practice ends.

Talk. Listen. Joke. Laugh. Swoon.

2. Dance

This year, my grandpa will be 80 years old, and every weekend, he takes his wife dancing. It’s a skill he picked up decades ago when dancing didn’t involve grinding or twerking. Dancing was — and still should be — a lighthearted way to enjoy each other’s company.

Obviously, if the old timers are still doing something that was popular back in the good ol’ days, it’s a viable method of joining the genders. Why not give it a whirl?

3. Schedule a Date

I know what you are thinking. We go on dates all the time. That isn’t a new or unique idea.

I’d say you are wrong. You don’t date. You don’t court your sweetheart. You get out of the house and have kid-free time.

Think about it. Do your “dates” consist of something generic like dinner and a movie? Do you spend two hours in a dark room, trying (and failing) to keep your eyes open and then sit in a noisy restaurant to discuss your jam-packed schedule for the upcoming week?

Or do you plan an elaborate, fun-filled outing — the type of special bonding you had back when you were trying to win each other’s hearts? Do you go horseback riding, take walks on the beach, visit art museums, or learn to paint?

4. Go Steady

Back in the day, “going steady” was a big deal. It wasn’t something couples did lightly. There was thoughtful consideration involved. Couples didn’t just “hang out.” They promised to commit to each other. 

Maybe you need to formally recommit to one another. Remember what it is you originally agreed to.

5. Be Chivalrous

You know the rules, guys. Open doors. Make sure she gets home okay. Engage in small, public displays of affection. Offer your jacket on a cool evening. Go get the car from the last parking spot while she waits inside.

6. Make an Effort

How many married women joke that they no longer need to shave their legs? Raise your hand if your wardrobe has more sweatpants than anything else.

Make an effort with your appearance. I’m certainly not saying you need to go to extremes; just spice things up every once in a while.

I wore a slightly less casual than normal shirt the other day, and my son asked if we were going somewhere special. Can you relate?

At the very least, pull out all the stops every once in a while. Put on some fancy duds and go paint the town.

7. Pay Compliments

Compliment each other — especially if you are adhering to tip #6. Be genuine with your remarks, not superficial. Complimenting even the smallest gesture increases the odds your spouse will repeat that behavior.

It was all those sweet nothings your spouse whispered in your ear that won your affections in the first place.

8. Buy Gifts

Think back to your first date. Were flowers involved? Now, try to remember the last time you randomly bestowed a gift upon your spouse.

Sharing small tokens of your affection is a great way to keep the flame alive. It shows you pay attention to what your spouse enjoys and you are actively looking for ways to please the other person.

Old standbys are always good — chocolate and flowers. And you don’t need to spend a fortune. Pick up his favorite cereal while grocery shopping. Grab her a candy bar as you exit the gas station. Even bringing home a book from the library that you think your spouse would enjoy is thoughtful.

9. Give Your Undivided Attention

Put the cell phone down. Send the kids to bed. Stop reading blog posts. Give each other 100% of your undivided attention.

If you’ve been feeling like something is off in your marriage, take it back to the basics. Go old school.