Think of all the wonderful, amazing and thoughtful things your wife does throughout the year. It's quite a list, right? Now, it's time for you to get on your game and try to return the favor.

It's time to spoil mom on Mother's day. And you can do it without spending a large amount of money.

This is no easy task and believe me, you won't be able to pull it off in a few hours or even a few days. This requires research, planning and willing partners, like your kids or mother-in-law. So, let's get to work.

Pick Up a Mop

It's likely that the lion's share of the cleaning in your house is done by your wife. This Mother's Day give her freedom from the mop. Set up a schedule for you and the kids to take over specific cleaning duties and stick to it. This is the real gift that keeps on giving and the only cost is time and sweat.

Channel Your Inner Chef

This might seem clichéd, but everyone loves a delicious home cooked meal. Think about your wife's favorite meals and plan to make a few of them. She'll be grateful that you are cooking for her and even more grateful if you spread them out on Mother's Day and a few days afterward.

Dig Up Your Green Thumb

What is your wife favorite's flower? Find out quick and rush to your nearest home improvement store to buy them and plant them. She'll be thrilled.

Ladies' Choice

On Mother's Day it is all about mom. Let her choose a fun family activity for the day. Also give her first dibs on a movie to stream on Netflix and, in the ultimate sign of love, allow her to control the remote.

Homemade Rules

If you have smaller kids, ask them to make a card or craft project for mom. It certainly will have much more meaning than a $4 card from the store.

Family Photos

In the weeks leading up to Mother's Day, try to capture a special photo of your family or of your wife and kids. Get the picture printed and framed and give it to your wife for Mother's Day. It might be the most special gift she receives.

Get Uncomfortable

Have you always failed miserably at making a cake? Hate writing poetry? Despise the sound of your voice? This year try to do something that your wife knows you're not comfortable with but will show her how much you love her. Send her out with the kids so you can spend hours slaving over a cake recipe. Or write a silly poem that you read at dinner on Mother's Day. She will love you even more for trying something that you know you're not good at.

Plan Ahead

The most important thing you can do for Mother's Day — or any holiday for that matter — is prepare. If you know what your wife likes, that makes your job much easier. Start thinking about Mother's Day a few weeks before and come up with an idea that will be creative, not last minute. Many times the most meaningful gifts we give our spouse or our kids is a gift that comes from the heart, not from a store.