Most moms will agree that there is nothing like the feeling of preparing for the arrival of the newest member of your family. From shopping for a cute "going home" outfit for the little one, to organizing all of those amazing gifts you received at your baby shower, there is a lot of stuff to do in order to get ready! Not to mention there's putting all of that baby gear together, setting up the baby monitors, organizing their closet, baby-proofing the house, and more! They aren't lying when they tell you to take advantage of that "nesting" phase all pregnant women go through towards the end of their pregnancy! It certainly will help in getting all of that done! But sometimes, we get so caught up in the preparations for baby, that we often neglect ourselves in the process, and it isn't until the last minute that we pack our hospital bags! It's better to pack your bag a little bit at a time, and start early! Here are some of the top items that should be packed and ready for your big day!

1. Bathrobe/Fuzzy Slippers

Never underestimate a nice pair of fuzzy slippers and a warm and cozy bathrobe. After labor and delivery is a distant memory, and you're happily snuggling with your new little bundle of joy, when you're not nursing him or her, why not relax in a nice and cozy robe? Plus, when you get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, you're not going to want those little hospital booties for your feet. Trust us when we say that a pair of fuzzy slippers can do wonders for the feet, and the soul. The fuzzier they are, the better.

2. Toothbrush/Toothpaste

This one is pretty much a no-brainer, but, hey, sometimes people forget these everyday items! It's always better to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste from home, otherwise, you're going to get the generic hospital brand of both. Come on, who doesn't want that bubble-gum flavored toothpaste now and again? We've got to have some fun!

3. Notebook/Pen

This is something that you wouldn't typically think of packing into an overnight bag, but when it comes to giving birth to a brand new little person that you're responsible for, rule nothing out. Keep a notebook and a pen on the nightstand next to your hospital bed. If you're a first time parent getting ready to have a child, you may have all kinds of questions for your doctor, and your child's pediatrician, so keeping a notebook handy will assure that you have a place to write all of your questions down.

4. Cell Phone/Charger

Sure, you could use the hospital phone, but usually, their rates for phone usage are pretty high. Obviously, this is one of the items that you may want to pack at the last possible moment, unless you have a spare phone charger that you can put in the bag, which is always a good idea to have around, anyway. This way, you'll have a line of communication with you at all times during your hospital stay.

5. Comfortable Clothing

While we mom's can rock a hospital gown like nobody's business, they certainly aren't the epitome of either comfort, nor fashion. If you have comfortable clothing, such as a favorite pair of pajamas, or a nightie that you are comfortable in, bring it with you to the hospital! Granted, while you are giving birth, you'll likely have to don a stylish hospital gown (they're all the rage this year in Paris!), you should be able to change into your own clothes after you've given birth and are all settled.

6. Toiletries

Chances are, after labor and delivery, the first thing you are going to want to do is of course, sleep. The second thing you're going to want to do is take a shower. Typically, while all patients are given a bag full of little travel-sized toiletries, most are rather generic, and don't even provide enough to clean one arm with. It's best to shop a little early and see if you can find your favorite shampoos and soaps in a travel size. Pick up a few for yourself, and have them ready to go in your hospital bag. That way, you can have that luxuriously hot shower you've been dying for since you gave birth. Make sure to bring a loofah, and throw in a little something to pamper yourself, too.

7. Menstrual Pads

These are indispensable after giving birth. After not menstruating for nine or so months, well, let's just say the dam breaks. The hospital provides you with general maxi-pads, but let's be realistic here, they aren't going to do very much. This is another instance when shopping ahead can be great. Next time you're at the store, find the brand that you use and are comfortable with, and pick up a pack or two. Leave one at home and take one with you to the hospital. You'll be glad that you did.

8. Chocolate

After giving birth, your hormones are still going to be crazy-out-of-control raging, and that of course means that you may still feel emotional, after all, you did just give birth to a beautiful little baby! Have your partner pack an emergency stash of chocolate in your overnight bag. Just a little treat for the new mom to have when she has a moment. Check with your doctor first, of course, to make certain that there are no restrictions in your diet. But it's important to treat yourself! You're a parent, and you've got a whole bunch of new responsibilities! You deserve a little moment of bliss to yourself now and again!