Did you know? Grandparent's Day is coming up! Made an official holiday by President Jimmy Carter and celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day, it's a holiday that doesn't always get much attention. If your children (and you) are fortunate enough to have precious, veteran moms and dads in your life, show them your love and appreciation โ€” with a little help from the kids.

1. Give Them a Night Out โ€” On Your Dime

Hey, all couples need date nights, and grandparents are no exception. They may not have to hire a babysitter, but they would most certainly love a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, a movie, or a Broadway show. A timeless gift for a timeless couple.

2. Make a Photo Collage

Include photos of kids, grandkids, and pets. Take serious family portraits, as well as fun photos of everyone doing something silly. Just like you do for Facebook.

3. Send Them Away

On a cruise, a vacation, or just down the road to a bed and breakfast. Where do the grandparents want to go, but have never made the time? Ask extended family members to pitch in and see what you come up with.

4. Make Homemade Cards

Have the whole family make cards โ€” the more the merrier. Grandmas and grandpas will especially love homemade creations from young grandkids. Let the kids use paint, stickers, and glue. Let them write or draw on their own. Collect the treasures and mail them in a box. Those cards won't ever come down from the grandparents' fridge.

5. Make a Scrapbook Using School Papers

Arrange grandchildren's art creations and school papers together in a scrapbook, along with cute things they have said and notes from each child. This is a perfect way to recycle all those papers coming home, and will be a treasured keepsake. Your paper overload is their perfect treasure. I believe this is what we call a win-win, folks.

6. Skype Chats/FaceTime

If the grandparents live far away and have the technology, start having Skype chats with the grandkids, or use your iPhone to talk (almost) face to face. The children will love it as much as the adults. If Grandpa and Grandma have a computer but don't know how to Skype, install it on their computer and teach them. Trust me, once they see it in action, they'll be high-tech in no time.

7. Put on a Performance

Remember the classic Cosby show episodes where Cliff and Claire Huxtable came up with the most fabulous lip-syncing and dancing routines? They showed off their talent for the grandparents' anniversary. This idea would work equally well for Grandparents Day. Break a leg.

8. Surprise Them

Plan a visit with the grandkids, especially for grandparents who don't live close by. Just make sure they'll be home.

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