I’m not usually big on resolutions, but sometimes a resolution is just the motivation we need to follow through on a goal or a commitment. That’s why I wrote these 11 achievable resolutions that all dads can try to follow for 2017.

Here are 11 things you can commit to do as we prepare to kick off 2017.

1. Bring Less Work Home

We have to learn to leave work at work. Sure, sometimes there are projects that must be completed and deadlines that must be met. However, there are times when we can say no to email at home or we can choose to leave our desk at work full of papers that we will tackle the following day.

2. Check Your Phone Less Often

Your smartphone is your game module, your TV, your library, and your connection to friends and family. It also is an enormous time suck. Leave your phone alone more often in 2017 and spend that precious time with your wife and kids.

3. Get Involved in One of Your Kid’s Activities

You can coach. You can be a den parent. You can be a chaperone or a volunteer. The bottom line is that being part of your child’s activities will forge a deeper bond between the two of you and will help you create lasting memories with your kids. There’s nothing better.

4. Read More Books to Your Children

You want to give your kids the chance to grow and explore the world. One of the easiest ways to do that is to crack open a book that you think will transport them and begin reading. The journey of a thousand pages begins with the first word.

5. Teach Them How to Work With Their Hands

If you’re handy, or even if you’re not, you can probably find a hands-on activity that you and your kids can do together. It can be building something in the garage or doing yard work. If you’re really hard pressed for ideas, your local home improvement stores usually have free monthly kid workshops that might work.

6. Share Your Hobbies With Them

If you’re an amateur photographer or a visual artist or a committed golfer, you can take some time and teach your kids some of the intricacies of your craft. Again, this provides valuable together time and opportunities to pass down your wisdom.

7. Volunteer as a Family

The family that gives back together, builds bonds together. There are few things in life that are more rewarding than helping or serving others. And doing it as a family only adds to the joy and fulfillment.

8. Surprise Your Kids at School

This works best with younger kids, but if you surprise your child at school with lunch from their favorite restaurant, you’ll earn brownie points that will last all year.