When I had my first baby just over four years ago I was determined to use cloth diapers only. It didn't quite work out that way, but that's a totally different story. What did happen was I ended up trying three different brands of cloth diapers until I found the ones I love. Can you guess where that left me? With two drawers full of cloth diapers that I was only using while I was washing the ones that actually worked. I don't like to waste. So I found other, better uses for those absorbent cotton cloths.

1. Dusting

I love using old cloth diapers for dusting, especially those classic prefolds that are so big you can fold them over as soon as one side is covered in dust. Plus they're so soft that I know they won't scratch any of our tables, many of which have been handmade by my husband.

2. Mopping

I use old diapers to get on my hands and knees and really clean our floors. Again, they're the perfect size and they really soak up the water. Prefolds also fit on the Swiffer — the wetter they are, the better they stay attached.

3. Burp Cloth

I always forget to bring a burp cloth when I leave the house. This is because baby No. 2 never spit up, ever. So I forget that baby No. 3 probably will and usually does when I don't have that burp cloth. But a diaper insert does just as good a job in a pinch.

4. Play time

I have three girls. They love to play with their babies, who need cloth diapers too, right? Playing Mommy is even more fun when they get to add diaper changing to the game.

5. Towel

Rather than using paper towels or your nice, pretty hand towels to clean up the counters and kid spills in the kitchen, just turn to a trusty cloth diaper. They're way more absorbent than those paper towels and better for the environment since you can toss them in the wash and reuse them.

6. Car Clean Up

Keep some cloth diaper inserts in your car for emergencies, like when your 2-year-old decides he's done with his treat from the drive-thru and hurls it across the car. If you've ever had to clean up ice cream from your car seats, you know what I mean. But cloth diapers are also great for cleaning and buffing the exterior of your car, too.

7. Clean Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel appliances are the most difficult items in our home to keep clean. They almost always have little hand prints on them. A little stainless steel spray and a soft cloth diaper insert work wonders.

8. Drying Rack

Again, absorbency plays the main role in this scenario. Lay a prefold diaper on the counter and use it as a perfect spot to dry your dishes.

Cloth diapers are great at pulling double duty, but make sure they are super clean before they see anything besides your baby's bottom