We all get caught up in the day-to-day business of life, and sometimes sharing a moment or two of peaceful bonding can get lost in the shuffle. Valentine's Day is the perfect chance to regroup and reconnect with your kids. Sure, you risk embarrassing them a little bit, but it will be totally worth it.

Show your kids some love this Valentine's Day with little reminders. 

Turn Off the Tech

We live in a tech-filled world. It can be difficult for us to put down our phones, our iPads, or one of the other millions of gadgets we own to truly pay attention to what's happening in the world around us. Today is the day to start. Turn off the TV, put down the laptop, and get down on the floor to play with your kids. Board games, crafts, or even just coloring together will make your child feel like a million bucks.

Valentine's Scratch-Off Tickets

Speaking of crafts, there are a million great Valentine craft ideas out there (just check Pinterest!), but this is one of my favorites — homemade scratch-off tickets. You can make them together and hand them out to each family member as a surprise gift in lunch boxes, backpacks, or briefcases. Each awards the recipient with something fun — like a movie night, or lunch out with just Mom. Each ticket, and family member, is a winner.

Lunch Box Love

Send the kids to school on Valentine's Day with a few extra somethings in their lunch or snack boxes. Cut their sandwiches into heart shapes with a cookie cutter, add in some candy hearts, or heart-shaped cookies. And don't forget that special note that lets them know just how much you love them.

Bake Up Some Treats

Kids love to help in the kitchen. So spend some time cooking and baking up some fun Valentine treats together. Let your kids pour, mix, and top everything from cookies to cupcakes to heart-shaped potatoes for dinner. They'll love feeling like a chef and the smiles on their faces are well worth the mess!

Send 'Em a Letter

Kids love to get mail. A couple of days before Valentine's Day, put a card or special note in the mail addressed just to them. Be sure to have your kids with you each time you check the mail in the next couple of days. Then just watch their little faces light up when a letter arrives just for them.

Let 'Em Be the Boss

Kids love to be the boss and there's nothing wrong with letting them think they are, just for a little while. Let them choose what's for dinner. Let them choose what outfit they get to wear for the day. Let them take control in easy ways. For example, my daughter loves to hold the GPS in the car, but it's usually only on when I actually need it. She loves to tell me which way to turn and when to turn. So even if I know exactly where I'm going, I can hand her the GPS with the location plugged in, and she can feel like a big shot directing Mommy on where to go.

Listen Up

Kids have a lot to say. So much so, that we often forget to actually listen. On Valentine's Day, be sure to set aside some specific time to talk to each of your children and really listen. Talk about their school day, talk about their friends, talk about anything they want — like Star Wars for the 600th time this week. But let them do most of the talking. And after Valentine's Day, make it a habit (if you haven't already).

We tend to view Valentine's Day as a made-up holiday for businesses to make money. But if we let it, Valentine's Day can be the perfect opportunity to show our kids some extra attention, remind them of how important they are, and share some special memories.