You want your children to read this summer, but they might not be as thrilled about it as you want them to be. It’s all about presentation. If reading is fun, your kids will want to join in.

1. Lead by Example

When children see their parents taking part in an activity, then they have a greater interest in it. Read in front of your children. Let them see how much you enjoy it, and they’ll likely ask for a book of their own.

2. Start a Book Club

Have your children and their friends start their own book club. They can read the same books, then meet for snacks and to discuss the book — and maybe even catch the movie.

3. Set a Reading Hour

Set a quiet time each day when you all sit down to read. You can read together or read your own books. It’s a great way to make reading a habit.

4. Connect With Them

You can connect with your kids by reading the same books they do. This will allow you the opportunity to discuss the books, talk about the characters, and the plot. These discussions will help develop your child’s reading and writing skills.

5. Read Out Loud to Younger Kids

Younger kids should get in on the fun of reading, but they can’t do it on their own. Read to them at bedtime, but also during the day, too. Let them pick the books and have fun together.

6. Let Older Kids Read Out Loud to You

Having your older children read out loud to you can help you help them develop their vocabulary skills. If they get stuck on a word, then you’ll know it and you can teach them how to pronounce it, along with giving them the definition.

7. Head to the Library

Don’t forget that your local library likely has programs going on this summer to help children get excited about learning. Stop by together to check out the programs, and some books.