Hide the checkbook and credit cards! The holidays are almost here. I bet many of you are like me and are trying to formulate a plan to come up with enough money to pay for all the gifts, food, and holiday goodies you and your spouse plan to buy for Christmas.

Fortunately, we’re three months away from the holiday season and there’s still time to save up money and discover ways to earn some extra cash.

Here are a few things you can do to make some much needed cash for the December rush.

1. Seasonal Jobs

There are many businesses that are looking to hire workers to handle the seasonal push. It’s a trade-off because you’ll have to give up some of your beloved family time, but remember, it’s only temporary. And the benefit is that it might keep you out of significant credit card debt.

2. Part-Time Work

If seasonal work isn’t an option, try finding a part-time job that might offer more flexible hours and opportunities.

3. Request Overtime at Work

It might be a good idea to ask your employer if they will have overtime opportunities in the days and weeks ahead. If so, you might want to volunteer for those slots and sock that money away.

4. Gifts of Cash

Does your family usually give you money for the holidays? If so, you might earmark that money for holiday needs. It’s certainly not the sexiest use of those funds, but if you need it to spare your credit card a workout, it might be the best idea.

5. Sell Your Stuff on eBay or Craigslist

You might have a small fortune — or at least a tidy sum — inside your four walls. Take some time to look around your house and determine if there are items that you can sell online or at consignment stores in your community.

6. Make and Sell Stuff

There are lots of opportunities for savvy and handy people to make and sell items on websites like Etsy or at flea markets in your community.

7. Watch Your Spending

The best thing that you could do is to take a good, long look at your family budget and figure out if there are any places where you can cut back and possibly save a few bucks in the lead up to the holidays.

How do you stick away extra money for the holidays?

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