Let's wade into a delicate, touchy (pun-intended), and fun topic, shall we? Post-baby sex.

Some believe that sex after baby is better than when trying to make baby. There isn't any lingering in bed like before - when there were only two adults to take care of.

But what you now lack in time, you can make up for in passion.

The biggest difference may be the closer bond you and your spouse have after making and raising a child; sex can be just as sexy and romantic making love to the woman who is the mother of your son. It adds a new, more fulfilling level to what is already a joyous exercise.

1. Make Time for Lovemaking

Once the kids arrive, the to-do list never ends. Are kids down for the night? You can catch up on home projects, check email, nap, read, watch television. Or you can spend some quality time with your wife. If that quality time leads to the bedroom, even better.

2. It's the History, Not the Mystery

We aren't 20 anymore. Those were the days of exploration and anticipation. Let's face it, much of the mystery is gone. But your history with your spouse is stronger than ever and you know how to please each other. Enjoy it.

3. There's Nothing Wrong With a Routine

You've heard those jokes about couples who have sex the same night every week? The good news is at least those couples are having sex! Finding a romantic routine and sticking with it is great. If it works for you and your partner, go for it.

4. Don't Wait for a Special Occasion

A night or weekend away from the kids to be alone with your spouse can work wonders for your sex life. But think of lovemaking like a muscle that needs to be worked out. If you only work out every once in a while, it becomes more and more difficult to perform.

5. Turn Off Your Problems and Turn On Your Spouse

Parenting is hard work. There are so many challenges that crop up, the anxiety can overwhelm you and your spouse. It's important to help each other let go of the anxiety and rediscover the simplicity and joy of making love to the person you chose to grow old with.

6. Use Your Time Wisely

By the end of a 14-hour day with little ones running around, who has time for sex? You might be lucky to have enough energy to clean the kitchen. If you can, make love in the morning or during your child's nap time. Lovemaking doesn't care about the time of day.

7. Sprinkle in Some New Stuff

Being exhausted is not an excuse to be lazy in the bedroom. It's time to step up your game. Just like a football team throws a few trick plays into the game plan, you need to find new ways to please your partner. The rewards will be endless.