It’s game time! Well, almost anyway. Even if you don’t have a team to root for, you might be planning a Super Bowl party. From the food to the decorations, Super Bowl Sunday can rival any birthday party, baby, or bridal shower.

If you’re hosting a party, go easy on yourself. Maybe you want to allow time to create an edible, snack-made football stadium. Perhaps your work and life schedule is so hectic that just getting appetizers to the table before kickoff is an accomplishment. Whatever your approach, here are seven sure-fire ways to help make the planning simple and successful.

1. Ask for RSVPs

It’s so easy through Facebook or Evite to establish a guest list and ask for responses of people planning to attend. Knowing if you’re hosting a party for 10, 20, or 30 makes a big difference in cost and time.

2. Suggest a Potluck

When you send out the invites, ask people to bring a dish, a beverage, or both. Be sure to have people reply with which items they’re bringing, so you serve a variety and guests know which foods are already spoken for. Otherwise, you may end up serving lots of chips and dip.

3. Use Throwaway Serving Dishes, Plates, and Utensils

Sturdy plastic cups, plates, and utensils make for easy clean up. Additionally, look for aluminum casserole pans and other throwaway cooking containers so you won’t be stuck scrubbing scorched baking dishes.

4. Make Trash and Recycle Cans Accessible

If guests see them in use, it’s less trash you’ll have to clean up later.

5. Cover Tables and Food Areas With Tablecloths

It doesn’t have to be cloth; an inexpensive throwaway tablecloth works just fine. Better yet, lay down some white paper. Doing so avoids having to clean tables later.

6. Take Advantage of Store-Bought Appetizers

Unless you have a stellar homemade meatball recipe, grab a bag of the premade ones from the frozen food section. Check out your grocery store’s deli, bakery, and prepared foods departments for appetizers and desserts.

7. Leave the Decorations to Someone Else

Party City always has Super Bowl-themed décor, usually for the two teams who are playing. Dollar Tree is a frugal friend when it comes to finding inexpensive decorations and accessories. How about let the kids put their artistic skills to the test? Give them some glue sticks, construction paper, crayons, and markers, and see what creative designs they come up with. Pinterest is filled with ideas to get them started.

The most important tip for hosting a Super Bowl party? Have fun! Don’t forget to enjoy the party, rather than spending the night cleaning or tending to guests.