Children love sidewalk chalk. Give them 20 minutes and they'll have your driveway, sidewalk, and probably the front steps covered with flowers, faces, and scribbles. As fun as that is, imagine how much fun you can all have playing sidewalk chalk games.

1. Hop Scotch

It's classic and simple and kids love it. Set up a small course or a large one, just don't forget to join in on the fun.

2. Trace Shadows

Have your children stand in different positions and take turns tracing each other's shadows. You could stand in the same spots a couple of hours later to see how their shadows have changed.

3. Race Cars

Draw a racetrack and get out your child's toy cars. They will have tons of fun racing them around.

4. Build a Town

If you have trikes and bikes, create a town for the kids to ride around in. Draw a gas station for filling up, a grocery store to stop and shop at, and a school to visit. Finish off the town with stop signs, trees, and animals.

5. Human Board Game

True Aim Education offers this great game to get the entire family involved. Build a human board game with chalk and take turns rolling the dice and moving along the board as your own playing piece.

6. Word Run

This is great for children who are learning sight words. Write simple words in different areas of the driveway. Shout out a word for your children to find and run to. See how many they recognize.

7. Math Maze

This idea from Hands on as We Grow is a great way to reinforce counting skills. Create a grid and lay out the numbers 1-20 with a starting point and an end point. Then fill in the empty spots with random numbers. Your children will have fun counting their way to the finish line.

Whether your games are educational or just for fun, there are endless ways to have fun with sidewalk chalk.